Saturday, January 05, 2008

Clicks To Help Animals!

Helping animals (besides being vegan) doesn't always have to take a lot of time or effort, or cost money. Here are some easy ways to help them without even leaving your computer chair, or even having to really think!

I'll be adding more sites whenever I find them!

  1. PETA: Get Your FREE Vegetarian Starter Kit from PETA
    If you aren't already a vegan/vegetarian, this booklet gives you easy recipes and interesting information on the subject.
  2. PETA: Join P!nk in Signing petition to ban Horse-Drawn carriages in NYC
  3. The Animal Rescue Site: Click to Give
    When you click the button once per day, advertising sponsers donate .6 bowls of food to hungry animals in shelters
  4. Race for Pets in Need
    Each click helps vaccinate one animal. "100% of the donations generated go to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Rural Area Veterinary Services"
  5. Race for the Big Cats
    Each click provides habitat for Jaguars, Tigers, and Snow Leopards!
  6. Care Race for the Primates
    Each click provides an apple to a hungry primate!
  7. Race to Save Baby Seals
    Each click helps provide funding for a Public Service Announcement protesting the Canadian Seal Hunt!
  8. Use this Search Engine
    Choose the charity you wish to donate to (PETA, In Defense of Animals, ASPCA, WSPA and Mercy For Animals are all good choices, maybe your local shelter will be on there!)
  9. PETA: Send an E-card!
    PETA E-cards send more than just a written message, and are so easy to send!


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Thanks, these are great links!

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