Sunday, February 25, 2007

MLAAV Featured in 7 Days!

This past week, this blog was featured in an article in the weekly Vermont newspaper 7 Days. They just wrote the article (my grandfather thankfully reads the paper and called me to tell me), so some of it is a little off. Anyways, here is the article, titles Virtual Vegan.

A Vermont teen's take on dining integrity
by Suzanne Podhaizer (02/21/07).

Most 14-year-olds are more concerned with
entertainment options than the ethics of eating. But Allie, a young technophile
who "lives in the middle of nowhere a.k.a. Vermont" isn't your typical teen. For
over a year, she's been keeping a blog called "My Life as a Vegan," on which she
chronicles her favorite meatless eats and provides tips for living la vida

Allie's posts run the gamut from a recipe for meat-free fajitas and vegan
latkes to pitches for foods she enjoys. Although many of her favored products
are processed foods from afar, like Boca Burgers and Tofutti Cuties, she has a
few local loves as well. On February 4, Allie wrote glowingly about Bove's
marinara sauce, ". . . . I'd like to inform you all of a great marinara sauce .
. . it's amazing." Her list of acceptable fast-food options gives a nod to
Burlington's biggest bagel business — Bruegger's made the cut with a handful of
vegan bagels and a few soups, too.

Although she uses casual phraseology, occasionally referring to the "dead animal aftertaste" that accompanies meat eating, Allie can be eloquent. One of her earliest posts, about how to ensure that restaurant food is vegan, states, "most waitstaff will be accommodating as long as you're polite . . . you have to understand that taking a lot of questions can be annoying." Pretty perspicacious for one so young.

Check out Allie's blog at

To see the article online click here.

While I love the article (and the publicity!), I would like to point out that I am actually against processed foods, I view them as a rare treat (I only seem to obsess about them at times because they are hard to find in Vermont.) I try to keep my recipes as natural as possible, almost all ingredients I use in my own home are organic.

Other than that it's great! I'll be calling them shortly thanking them for the article, I never expected it at all, and it's from one of my favorite papers.

Other Publications: Friday Femme Fatales No. 45

Friday, February 23, 2007

Chocolate Chip Drop Biscuits

Even omnivores will love these biscuits (I always get asked to make more!) These are similar to the Cowpies, but they taste a lot different. They are also extremely easy to make.

2 1/4 cups Bisquick
2/3 cup soymilk
1 1/2 cup vegan semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 TBS Large grained sugar (optional)

1) Preheat oven to 450.
2) In a large bowl, add Bisquick and soymilk, stir til moistened and no clumps are present.
3) Fold in the chocolate chips. If dough is tough to stir, add a teaspoon of water at a time.
4) With a medium spoon, drop spoonfuls of dough onto an UNGREASED cookie sheet. Press the sugar crystals into the tops of the biscuits.
5) Bake at 450 for about 10. You should get between 6 and 13 biscuits, depending on their size.

These are delicious, why not make a double batch?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Meat Packers Trying To Organize

HOLCOMB, Kan. - Each day 150 semitrailers loaded with cattle arrive at Tyson Food Inc.'s Holcomb plant for slaughter. Each day workers here butcher 5,700 head of cattle.
And each day at least one meatpacker at the plant gets hurt on the job.
On the killing room floor, beef carcasses dangling from an overhead conveyor belt constantly stream past blood-splattered workers — each with a very specific job to do
. - Click here
to read the rest of the article

If you do the math, it takes less than 12 minutes to butcher a cow completely. (5700 / 8hrs = 712.5 per hour / 60min = 11.8 cows per minute.) Now cows are big creatures. To completely skin, cut, kill, and chop a cow in less than 12 minutes is extremely dangerous. Not to mention, the workers are doing one job repetitively, with high speed. This is extremely dangerous.

Now, these workers (mostly Hispanic immigrants) are trying to organize a union, hopefully to protect them from injuries and to insure that they wont be fired when they are unable to work from an injury.

Former Tyson worker Gabino Martinez strained to stretch his arm as he
recounted how a surgeon shortened his tendon an inch while trying to repair
damage caused when a cow mashed his hand. The 26-year-old Mexican immigrant had
surgery at 8:30 a.m., and was back at work by 4 p.m. with his arm in a sling
because the company would not pay him otherwise. He said Tyson eventually fired
him after he refused to move heavy carcasses against his doctor's recommended
weight restrictions.
Meat packing is unarguable the most dangerous job to work in. Knives, blades, heavy machinery, equipment used to kill huge animals, sterilization tanks, blood and unsanitary materials, chemicals, and other factors make this job so deadly. Of the people who die in this job, most of them die a painful death. And if you don't die, you are left with unimaginable injuries. (I suggest reading Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser if you really want to understand.)

The point I am getting to (of course I'm all for human rights, no matter what job they are doing) is that all of this insanity is because of MEAT. People are DYING and being critically INJURED to SLAUGHTER innocent animals all for a food product that is UNNECESSARY.

That's right. Meat is unnecessary to survival or health. The USDA even has this on :
Vegetarian diets can meet all the recommendations for nutrients.
(Currently they do not have a section for vegan diets, but it has been proven medically that they are extremely healthy and can provide all nutrients needed.) Meat is something that people used to need to supplement their diets before farming was advanced as to allow for food during the winter months. It was also eaten in moderation, maybe once or twice a month. Humans were meant to eat plants.

I really cannot comprehend how the American people are letting this go unheard. If you didn't know, meat packing used to be one of the best jobs to be in back in the 1800's. Once big corporations and big people (like Ray Kroc, McDonald's bighead) started to realize how the job could be turned into an industry where people were used as money-making machines, it all went downhill.

But now, in an age where technology is flying and information AND communication is at our fingertips, we are ignoring this. If not for the animals, but for the humans involved.

People are being treated worse than the animals being slaughtered but nobody seems to care. Congress wont do anything because the big companies are supporting lawmakers (most of whom are Republican) to keep things on the hush-hush so profits won't go down due to safety regulations. In Fast Food Nation, the author mentions how meat packing employees prefer working the days when the meat is being shipped to the European Union because they have to go 75% slower to meet their regulations. When this happens, it also means that the animal will get slaughtered more humanely (the EU has tighter laws on how animals need to be unconscious before their throats are slit, and by going slower it means that animals wont get skipped.)

As fellow humans, there is one thing we can do to show big companies like Tyson that we do not approve of their treatment of humans beings, AND to show that we don't think animals should be slaughtered for unnecessary reasons.

The thing? Go vegetarian or vegan. It's not supporting the industry, and you are not purchasing the lives of innocent animals who don't have a voice. If meat packing profits go down because nobody is buying meat, then they will realize that the American people do not support unnecessary cruelty towards animals and people (most uneducated immigrants who do not have any constitutional rights.)

It's not hard to do. It's healthy for you. It's what you were meant to do (if you believe in creationism or evolution, either way our body parts are meant for herbivores.) It saves the lives of animals who cannot speak up for themselves. You are not eating carcasses. You are showing that treating people like machines is NOT RIGHT, and that you will not stand for it.

So please, support the union, support the people. And if we can eliminate the industry by showing meat is not fit for humans, then these companies will fall. When they fall, the workers can rise up and get better jobs that don't hurt them and don't hurt animals.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Vote For Your Favorite Chicken-Awareness Ad!

PETA recently teamed up with an Australian advertising agency to hold a contest—for the Young Guns International Advertising Award—for brilliant ad minds around the globe to design a pro-vegetarian ad focusing on chickens—inquisitive, interesting animals who are as intelligent as some mammals, including cats, dogs, and even primates. But the more than 9 billion chickens raised in factory farms each year in the U.S. never have the chance to do anything that is natural and important to them. Click here to learn more about chickens.
More than 700 entries were received from design students, advertising professionals, and artists around the world. The winning ad, titled “Your Parents Do It,” came from Jack Bagdadi and Billy Custer of Hallandale, Florida. The ad was part of a series called “Don’t Block It Out,” in which readers are led to think about things they otherwise might prefer to ignore—in this case, the way chickens are treated in factory farms. Read the full text of the ad and see the first, second and third place winners below.

See the Winners and VOTE for the finalists in the PETA contest!

If this sounds confusing, it is! I think that the YGIAA chose their top 3 winners, and now PETA is asking people to vote for their favorite ad.

Anyways, they are all funny and amazing so check them out!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Smarter Kids End Up Vegetarian

Intro: A new study in the British Medical Journal has stated that if you become vegetarian before age 30, you were most likely smarter when you were younger.
The study showed that kids who became vegetarians later on in life were at least 5 IQ points ahead of other children their age (the children in the study were tested at age 10.) Children who became a vegetarian before the age of 16 (though after the age 10 IQ tests were given) had higher IQ's than non-vegetarian participants who would later become vegetarians.

Vegetarians were also found to more likely women, and to have higher education/vocational training than non-vegetarians. Vegetarians were more likely to be working in charitable organizations, local government, or education than non-vegetarians.

An interesting point however, was that vegans had lower IQ scores as children than vegetarians HOWEVER, only 9 out of 8,170 participants were vegan. The study states that this statistic is not fit to be used because so little of the participants were vegan.

Similar studies have shown that smarter kids turn out to be healthier adults, with lower levels of chronic diseases, including obesity and being overweight. Smarter kids (who turn into smarter adults) tend to pay more attention to their diet and health and are more likely to be involved in strenous activity and aerobic exercise.

Smarter people are also more likely to pay attention to ethics, a big reason why many young people turn to vegetarianism and veganism.

Fun fact: Both Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin were vegetarians.

*Click to read the entire study yourself posted by the BMJ*

I certainly agree with this study. And I have good reason to. I just so happen to be #1 of 79 in the freshmen class rank of my high school (I have a 4.0 GPA and am enrolled in all advanced/higher level classes.) I also happen to be the only vegan, and one of very few (if any) vegetarians. I also am under the age of 16, and I am female. Of my friends who are vegetarian teens, they also seem to be very intelligent compared to most adolescents I know. Most of my friends who are in my advanced classes eat very little meat or less than most other kids do. (And only my smarter friends will even contemplate tasting some of my vegan lunches!)

Have any personal experience you'd like to share about this article? Leave a comment!

Other summaries of this study:
MSN Health & Fitness
Arizona Daily Star

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vegan Fast Food Options - UPDATED

I have finally finished updating the Vegan Fast Food Options! Now there is about 50% more new options on the list.

I've done my best to verify the veganity of the items on the list. I originally started out with PETA and other AR-minded organizations lists and then I recently added to them by going to company websites and getting additions by visiting other lists on other sites.

I think this is the most comprehensive list on the web for vegan fast food for national (and international) franchises. Other sites seems to be unorganized or are tailored to a specific region. Some of the franchises only cater to a particular region, but my hope is that if you are travelling somewhere and have a printout of the guide, you will be able to find somewhere to enjoy a meal.

So tell all your friends! Use the Email This Post button on the bottom of this post or the VFFO list post (its the picture of the letter) to send it to all your vegan peeps. Thanks, and soon vegans shall rule the planet MWUHAHAHA!!!

~ Peace ~

The BEST Vegan Hot Chocolate

It sure is cold! Right now I think it is about 10 degrees outside, I got minor frostbite from 20 minutes of shovelling the driveway. I just so happen to live in Central Vermont, in the "snow belt" of the state. The storm just brough about 2 or 2 1/2 feet of snow, so I didnt have school yesterday or today.

The best drink when it's like this is HOT CHOCOLATE! So here's the best vegan recipe I swear by, enjoy!

4 TBS of Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate Mix (or do 3 1/2 TBS cocoa powder and sugar to your liking)
8 oz Silk Soymilk (other brands will work, Silk is the creamiest)
SoyWhip (optional)

1) Heat the soymilk in a small pan.
2) Stir in the hot chocolate mix with a wooden spoon.
3) As it heats, beat it with an eggwisk to keep it thick without being clumpy.
4) Turn off the heat once steam starts to rise, stir.

Stay warm!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Have A Happy Vegan Valentine's Day!

Just because you can't eat milk chocolate hearts or Sweethearts (they have gelatin), doesn't mean you have to miss out on Valentine's Day. Here are some vegan friendly ways to celebrate.

If you happen to not have a human bunny in your life who you celebrate this, you can always open your heart to animals!

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I finally implemented my Adsense, if you have any suggestions, comment up :)
I tried to make them be visible, stand out, but not detract from the site.
Sorry for the lack of info, but legally I really cannot say much more about them.

Monday, February 05, 2007

New Layout

Yes, there's a new layout!

Things that've changed:
  • I tried to make the background sublte but still showing. I've noticed however that the colors look a bit different between Mozilla Firefox and MSIE 7 but overall I think it works.
  • Some borders and heading have been turned purple (changed the border on the description)
  • Rent my blog space is more visable (you can see it w/o having to scroll)
  • Important Posts list has been shortened
  • New Blogs in the "Blogs I Read" section
  • Link to Blogarama Blog Directory added, button to favorite on Technorati added also.
I was going to make the layout snazzier, actually. Something along the lines of this. But I realized that lots of CSS and graphics makes a page ...r....e...a...l...l...y... slow to load, which isnt cool when you're like me and use BlogExplosion and other traffic exchange sites because after waiting the minimum 30 seconds, the page hasnt even loaded.

I also wanted my page to be accessible by other browsers and display sizes. CSS (and even ESS) makes pages slower and having a CSS/ESS/or Java dependent website sucks for someone who doesnt have them. So excuse the lack of graphics :)

If you find any glitches, comment up!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

QUALITY Marinara Sauce Is Only A Click Away!

Marinara sauce. The perfect compliment to any pasta. Full of vine-ripened tomatoes, a handful of fresh herbs, garlic, and extra-virgin olive oil. You cant really go wrong with marinara. Its easy to store in the cupboard, goes with any pasta, and is always vegan (true marinara sauce doesn't have cheese, other styles do.)

But so many times I've gone to the store and picked up a jar of less-than-desirable marinara sauce. Shaw's. Bertolli. Escencia. Ragu. Prego. *sigh*. You get the point. They are all either too oily, too salty, too watery, too thick, or contain nasty colors, additives, or contain the new kid on the block, high fructose corn syrup (can't we just leave the corn to the Mexicans? Since when did corn grow alongside tomatoes in Italy? I didn't think so.)
So I'd like to inform you all of a GREAT marinara sauce that is PERFECT. It clings to any pasta, but doesn't cake. It's all natural, and is made with real fresh ingredients, and doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in it. It's a bit salty, but not enough to make you pucker up in disgust.

It's called BOVE'S OF VERMONT. (click the link guys, it has ordering info and ingredients/nutritional info!) So yes, I'm also encouraging you to buy from my neck of the woods and support a great family company. The recipe originated from a restaurant in Burlington, Vermont (for those of you who don't know, B'ton is on Lake Champlain, which borders upstate New York.)

This marinara sauce is amazing! You must try it. There is also an organic version, which I have tried. The flavor is slightly different, but it is amazing. I can never decide which one to get, as they both are the best sauces I have ever tried!

If you live outside the area, it may be hard to find this brand (if in NE, try Shaw's Supermarkets with the WILD HARVEST section.) But if you live elsewhere, and have a credit card and 5 bucks to spare, I whole-heartedly suggest you click the links and order some by mail. Another good sauce (my #2 favorite after both the Bove's) is Victoria's Marinara. It is carried by all Shaw's Supermarkets, and has a unique flavor that deserves recognition.

So lets start the Sauce Revolution! Go up to your grocer and demand the quality sauces your spaghetti, penne, linguini, and cappellini deserve!

Here's a picture of my dinner tonight, Bove's Marinara with organic spaghetti:
(yes, it's a bit blurry but it's cause I was rushing it to my mouth 'cause its so darn good!)

I'm Addicted!

I have started a new group, NOA, which stands for Newmans O's Anonymous! I am going die of obesity if someone does not take these away from me!
I think they taste better than Oreo brand cookies, theres no chemicals or artifical shit in them. Just organic ingredients. And they're vegan!

Vegan Ranch Dressing!

While searching the bloggersphere, I came across a recipe for Vegan Ranch dressing. I've never been able to find it in stores (I've had it twice in vegan cafes), but here is the recipe!

I havent made it yet, but it seems similar the types I have had, which were very good.

6 oz. Mori-Nu silken style tofu -- firm or extra firm
1/4 cup Soy Mayonnaise
1/4 cup green onion -- finely chopped
3 tablespoon water4 t. lemon juice
1 tablespoon freshly chopped parsley
1 tablespoon freshly chopped dill
1 tablespoon tamari soy sauce, or Bragg's Liquid Aminos
1 1/2 teaspoon garlic
1 dash cayenne pepper
Salt and Pepper to Taste

1) Blend all in a food processor until smooth and creamy!

Thanks to Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen for the recipe and Adventures of a Vegan Cyclist for blogging about it!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chocolate Cowpie Drop Biscuits

After I baked these I noticed they certainly looked like cow pies. These have no refined sugars in them, just maple syrup (unless your soymilk contains refined sugars)

I made this recipe by hand, just using the drop biscuit recipe on the box as a guide, so you may need to add more or use less of an ingredient according to your tastes.

2 1/4 cups Bisquick, plus more to add if dough is too soft
1 1/2 cup soymilk (you might not need it all)
1/2 cup cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1/2 cup maple syrup
3/4 cup of chocolate chips (recommended but not neccesary)

1) Preheat oven to 450.
2)In a large bowl, add Bisquick and cocoa powder, stir til there are no clumps and they are mixed together.
3) Add 2/3 cup of the soymilk, and stir. If the dough is too dry, add more soymilk.
4) When dough is moist, add the syrup and fold in the chips.
5) If it is too dry (most likely), add soymilk gradually until the mixture is doughy (slightly sticky and keeps together, not runny like batter.) If you've added too much soymilk, add a small amount of Bisquick and stir in til it is smooth and doughy.
6) With a medium spoon, drop spoonfuls of dough onto an UNGREASED cookie sheet.
7) Bake at 450 for about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the size of the biscuits.

Makes about 12 large biscuits or 20 small biscuits.

P.S. These taste awesome dipped in chocolate fondue, or as Timmy called it, diarrhea sauce! (blech!)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Site Renovations

Lately I have been adding a lot of modifications to the site. First off, I'm starting to go through the ENTIRE Vegan Fast Food Options list and add more items! Second, I'm adding more links and expanding into the blogospere. Thirdly, I'm going to start advertising to get revenue (which I can use to help this site grow even more.)

Soon I will be starting to change the layout, and add more pictures. I think I will keep the site generally the same (borders, color themes, etc), but enhance my content. If you notice a bug or an error in the coding, it will probably get fixed soon, as I am constantly now editing the code (which I do all by hand, I'm pretty skilled in HTML)

As always, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and tell me because I am always looking for ways to optimize my site!

New Links/Blog Links!

I just added a bunch of new links to the website under "Blogs I Read" and I added a link to VeganOutreach (under "Links")

Please check them out and support the vegan blogosphere! I read all of the blogs listed, so they are definitely worthwhile!
Remember, if you have a vegan site that you would like to trade links with, just leave a comment! (or if you dont, why not start one? I'd be happy to give you tips to help you get the canteloup rolling!)


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I am not allowed to ask you to click the ads or in any way direct you to them, so I'm telling y'all this now before I get them on so I wont accidentally break the rules by informing you about them.

I am also not allowed to have any pornographic material on my website (so if your picture-ID for comments is nude, please comment as anonymous/no reply ) Thanks!

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