Monday, October 23, 2006

Where Cholesterol Comes From

Kudos to forums for this!

On the Quaker Oats Canada website, the Faq contains the question:
"Do oats contain cholesterol?"

The answer, wonderfully put is:
"No. Cholesterol is only found in foods sourced from mammals, birds or fish, and since oats are a grain product they do not contain cholesterol. An easy way to remember which foods contain cholesterol is to ask yourself whether the product came from something that used to walk, fly or swim. If so, it contains cholesterol."
Click here to see for yourself

Isnt it lovely when big companies have vegan propaganda? It makes me smile in my vinyl chair.

I guess Quaker oats is, well, quaker! (many quakers are vegan/vegetarian because they believe in nonviolence)

Feel free to comment if you know of any other instances :)

Traffic Argh!

I realize I havent been the best blogmaster the last few weeks. 9th grade has a LOT of work. I think I have 6 presentations due in the next three days, a big-ass Algebra II test, and a bunch of other crap.

And my traffic has been reflecting that. I'm stilling getting enough to be thankful, but I realize my comments, emails etc have been way DOWN recently.

So PLEASE, if you like a post, use the nift 'Email Post' button to send it to someone and enlighten them!

If theres a good recipe you think someone will enjoy, please pass along the URL along with the recipe. Little things really help! (I know for a fact my email with my url gets a lot of clicks!)

Right now I'm being a BlogExplosion and forum whore to get more traffic (hope the 'w' word doesnt offend anybody, its not meant to in any shape form or fashion)

By the way, I LOVE links, so if you have a vegan, animal rights, etc related blog I will be more than happy to exchange links. Much of my traffic also comes from blogs with over 50 links, and people just happen to randomly click on mine. I dont even have that many, so its guaranteed it will be beneficial.

So thats if for now, you might see me on some forums showin off my nifty blog.

AdiĆ³s mis amigos, para ahora

Saturday, October 21, 2006

New PETA Video

Here's the new PETA video about disection. Its HORRIBLE what happens to the poor animals. Its gorey enough (not as bad as Meet Your Meat though), so if you dont watch it please LISTEN to what the commentator says.

If I EVER am in a class where there's disection, I think I'll give everyone in the class a copy because people need to know cutting up animals is not cool!

Monday, October 16, 2006

2 Layer Chocolate Coconut Cake

It turns out a little bit dry, so serve with soy ice cream or a glass of vanilla soymilk. BUT its very yummy!

You could substitude preshredded coconut and canned coconut water, but I think it tastes better fresh.

1 medium coconut
1 box Dr. Oetker Chocolate Cake Mix
1 box Dr. Oetker Chocolate Frosting Mix
Ener-G Egg replacer (enough for two eggs)
Canola Oil/EarthBalance/Margerine

1) Prepare cake as directed on box, subsituting egg replacer for real eggs. (Some boxes require milk, especially if you are using another brand so if it requires milk use 1/2 soymilk and 1/2 coconut water) Use oil to grease pan! Make two 8x8 or two 9x9 cakes

1) Take a hammer and screwdriver. Find the eyes of the coconut (3 black spots on one end). Hammer the screwdriver thru each hole and turn coconut upside down so that all the water is drained into a cup (you should get between 3/4 cup and 1 1/2 cup of coconut water) Set Aside
2) Once completely drained, crack coconut with a hammer until you have smallish pieces.
3) Using a cheese/onion grater, shred the entire coconut. (Down to the rind) Set Aside

1)repare frosting as package says so, except replacing coconut milk for real milk. Use EarthBalance or other vegan margerine for butter.

1) Let the cake pieces cool (outside at night works great!)
2) Frost first layer of cake, not including sides. Add extra frosting on top (where the two sections will meet). Add about 1/2 of the coconut shreds here.
3) Place on the 2nd layer, and frost the top and sides. On the top and sides of the cake, sprinkle with the remaining coconut.
4) Voila! You have a cake! You may even have some coconut water left over.

*If you are wondering why I call it coconut water and not milk, its because what is actually in the coconut is a clear, offwhite liquid. Coconut milk (like canned) is white because coconut oil from the fruit is mixed with it (with a touch of guar gum to hold it together) *

My cake was extra special, I used 9x9 pans, except they are heart shaped! I do have pictures, and once theyre all set I will try to post them!

My Baking Expeditions

Well, the brownie mix I used turned out to have more sugar than flour, which means that the egg replacer didnt work right (I've noticed that you need to have a substantial amount of flour for it work correctly). THEY WERE FLAT! About 1/4 inch thick. They were yummy while warm but once they cooled they were battle weapons.

The cake on the other hand (same brand of mix, Dr. Oetker) turned out lovely. I'll post the recipe for it since I made a 2-layer Chocolate Coconut cake. It was a little on the dry side, but still very yummy.

Today I also tried making Tandoori Tofu. EWWW. For some reason the sauce didnt taste right and when it cooked it just burned instead of glazing like its supposed to. The sauce was like a paste, but it should have been a brush on glaze (like the orange tandoori chicken, which was the original recipe I used).

Thursday, October 05, 2006

This is... what's happening

I havent posted in a bit, sorry bout that. School has been very demanding, as I am taking 2 college prep accredited classes, college prep math (algebra 2) and 2 languages.

I finally have a boyfriend! He's really sweet, and he seems to respect my veganism which I'm very happy about.

Last week I made some vegan cupcakes. I used a gluten-free baking mix for chocolate cake and put it in muffin tins. They were delish. Instead of milk I used soymilk, EarthBalance instead of butter, and Ener-G egg replacer for the eggs. I've always found that vegan baked items turn out moister than non-vegan (eggs fluff more than potato starch and it tends to dry out more while cooking)

Tonight I'll be making some vegan brownies. And then later this week I'm going to be making chocolate cake (or cupcakes)! I bought a coconut and I'm planning on using the milk from it in the frosting and grating some of it to put on top and inside the cake. I'll post when I have the results :P

Also, the other day I saw something that completely bugged me. As many know, Carrie Underwood (American Idol Season 4 winner) is a vegetarian. But she's recently appeared in a 'Got Milk?' ad. Even though she is ovo-lacto, shes said that she did it because she loves animals, and I would think that at least she wouldnt promote the drinking of milk publicly. Grrr :(

Thats it for now, have fun!

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