Sunday, January 21, 2007

Beware: Amy's Products

This is just a warning to those of you who are vegans who eat Amy's.

The Soy Cheese Frozen Pizza is NOT vegan! But it says on the package that it is!
The cheese on their pizza has casein in it. Casein is a common ingredient found in many soy-based "cheeses". It is what makes it melt like real cheese. Have you ever noticed how VeganRella never really melts, just warps and gets wattery? That's because it does not contain casein.

Casein is a protein from milk that makes cheese melt. It is also added to soy cheeses to make them melt. BUT, casein is not vegan because it is a milk product. A soy cheese containing casein is still allowed to be called dairy-free, and it is indeed lactose free. But it is technically not vegan. When buying soy cheese (personally I dont like it), make sure it doesn't contain casein (Tofutti Slices are 100% vegan.)

Amy's Soy Cheese Pizza claims it is Vegan on the ingredients list, but it has casein on the list. There is not yet a vegan form of casein. The box even says that it is a milk protein, but they still label it as Vegan!

I do not know of any other Amy's products with this misinformation, but if you know any, please comment this post with them.

Also, many of Amy's products are milk-free (and always egg-free) but contain honey in them. Personally I think this is dumb because agave is just like honey is vegan, so they would be getting more business! But these products are NOT labelled vegan anyway, so dont worry I just thought it was interesting.

God Bless Tofutti

As some of you may know, I live in the complete middle of nowhere (a 5,000 pop town in Vermont.)

So since I had to get my braces tightened yesterday (ugh!) we ended up going food shopping in Berlin where they have the Shaw's with organic/natural section. AND OMG THEY HAD TOFUTTI!!!

Its been sooooooo long since I've had Tofutti stuff. People are always talking about it on forums and I'm wicked jealous because our co-op sucks and our Shaw's is tiny and overpriced. So yeah. And I got 2 boxes of Cuties (I ate 7 last night!!!) and the vegan-cheese pan pizza (tastes like Elios!) and Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese.

For those of you have missed out, Tofutti is a brand of dairy-product substitues, and they are all vegan (though they don't say it, they never use casein)
Tofutti Cuties are small "ice-cream"-sandwich bars, and that I know of they come in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Wild Berry flavors. THEY KICK ASS. My mother even likes them and she usually doesnt like "fake" stuff. Even before I was a vegan I got them once (as a mistake!) and I thought they were BETTER than regular ice cream bars. (Tofutti also makes assorted flavors of tub "ice cream")

I got the Herbs "cream cheese". It *sort of* tastes real. The texture is right, though its a bit melty on a hot bagel. Its got a little aftertaste, but it is still yummylicious (definition t-a-s-t-e-y tastay!)

The Pizza is really good, but a suggestion is to heat it HOT all the way through or else the "cheese" is yucky. If its hot it's yummy. Tofutti doesnt use casein (a milkbased protein) in they're products. This is good for vegans, but cheese doesnt melt without it. The Tofutti pizza is actually just thinly sliced vegan "cheese" that appears melted because heat *warps* it. (I will have a little thing on casein, next post)

I'll give 25 BE credits to anyone who comes up with a good "God Bless Tofutti" parody of "God Bless America"...

Friday, January 19, 2007

I hate ingredient changes!

Grr I just bought some organic BBQ chips today only to realize that they had honey in them! As of 3 months ago I KNOW that they were vegan because I checked when I first got them and I continually got them for about a month and then moved on to another variety.

So now I'm really mad. If companies want to change ingredients, they really should say "new formula" or something like that. Its like the McD's case where the fries were ADVERTISED as being gluten-free and then a month later a young girl nearly dies because she was gluten-intollerant. (These chips were never advertised as vegan however)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blog Rentals

Currently another blog (New York Nitty-Gritty) has a link on my blog (thru BlogExplosion servics) so even though its not related to vegan-ness, its still a cool blog so check it out!

If you are part of BE and have a VEGAN blog I will be more than happy to host a thumbnail and link of your blog thru BE at a reduced rate (this one was for 50 credits, I'd consider 25 or 30 for vegan blogs)

Happy linking!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Its been a while... Big THANKYOU!

Wow I havent posted in a while. School's been very difficult lately. With all my classes, just getting on a computer is a very rare occurance.

Suprisingly, my views are still more than I could ever ask for, after all, I'm just a 14 year old girl in the middle of nowhere blogging about something though of society as "weird" and "radical".

It's been just about a year since I opened this website. Its provided me with a lot of joy, and a way to help promote a concept that is very close to my heart. Its always fun to check out my tracker and see people from every corner of the world visiting my site. The only continent that hasnt seen my site is Antarctica! Most teen bloggers probably couldnt say that, and I am very thankful that I can.

This weekend I should have some time on my hands to promote this site. I am always trying to get more views. Not for self-related issues, but because I think the message of veganism should be broadcasted as much as possible. If people know more, they less they feel alienated from it. Even if a heavy meat eater stumbles across this page, 5 years from now they might remember that it wasnt as weird as they thought, and that they may be interested in trying it. When I as little I always thought it was weird and difficult, but as I got older and learned more I found that it really wasnt.

So, spread the word! Make your own blog! (If you do, lets trade links!) Write stuff on dollar bills, sticker bathroom stalls, participate in demos, do leaflets and flyers! Theres so much you can do, so why not?

Love and Peace,

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