Saturday, October 09, 2010

College and Being Vegan

Being vegan at college has been kind of tough, not going to lie. There are no vegan desserts at the dining halls. The soups don't specify whether or not they are made with animal stock or not. Things are supposed to be labeled vegetarian and vegan but I've seen things that are obviously vegan (for example, lettuce) not labeled at all at certain stations. The french fries aren't labeled vegan but I know they are because I asked the chef. So whenever I get something that appears vegan I can never be entirely sure. And one day I saw the vegan meal of the day list "milk" as an allergen.

Of course, none of the servers speak English so when you ask them for help they just smile and nod or give you more food. I literally told one guy that I wanted "everything but the meat" and then he said I looked skinny and gave me the meat anyway saying it was good that day, then got mad when I demanded he give me a new plate after smothering all my veggies in carcass juice.

Its not that bad though, I guess. They have a really nice salad and sandwich bar. They have margarine and lots of non-milk beverages. Soymilk is a pain to get but its there if I need it. And they do sometimes have a tasty vegan meal of the day.

I think I might mosey down to downtown Troy today and check out the vegan bakery. I haven't gone yet because I've been busy but I dropped Organic Chem because it was too hard (and my new major doesnt need it) so now I have time. The hours are crazy but they're open on Saturdays :)

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