Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good Page About Why Milk is Not Natural

This page gives a quick explanation why cows milk isn't for humans, and why it's unnecessary to humans. It's very basic, but if you know of a person who has no idea why you won't drink milk (like a parent), you can try the evolution-nutrition explanation instead of why-it's-cruel explanation (some people are too apathetic to understand the latter, like my father.)

Pictures of My Veg*n Life

I've been gone for a bit, we finally got the internet to work on both computers at the same time :)
So here are some pictures of my vegan life, they might kinda suck, I took them on my LG VX9800 camera phone, I'm too cheap to actually buy a digital camera.

--------- Plants-----------

These are the catnip seedlings that I'm growing for my kitty Deuce (pic later on, he's cute!)

This is the Coleus plant. I have three in my outdoor garden, and two on my windowsill garden.

Heres another Coleus!

These are the first seedlings from my pumpkin plants. I'm growing the ones that grow to 70+ lbs. They're actually a lot bigger now, this was taken about a week ago.

This is my window garden, three pots of catnip and two Coleus.


This is Deuce, sneaking into my shopping bag :)

This is Deuce again.

This is my mom's-boyfriend's-daughter's pygmy goat, her name is Peanut, she's a pygmy goat. Jen is actually making her own blog called Pygmy Goats, and it should be up in a little while, the url is:


It's me! It looked a lot brighter on my phone, and I'm too lazy to lighten it in Photoshop, so make your moniter brighter if you want to see my stunning beauty =D

I bought this shirt for 25 cents in a thrift shop (I wasn't going to pay 15 bucks in JC Penney)

Here's my report card (PI is blanked/blurred out) I got another 4.0 yay! (That means all my grades were at or above a 95) Vegan power!
Thats it for now!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Food Shopping

Since moving to Connecticut, most of the family food shopping has been at the Big Y (but try finding something organic or w/o additives, then it's Big Lie)

Finally, we went to Shaws yesterday. YAY SHAWS!
Most Shaw's have Natural Harvest sections. I found all sorts of Tofutti products (pizza, cuties, pints) and they actually have tofu with good dates on them! They have tons of pre-made meals from different cuisines (Indian, Japanese, items from the Moosewood Cookbook), and organic anything.

I'm not advertising for them, but if you have a hard time finding vegan specialty foods (they carry Ener-G egg replacer, I was almost out!), you should give Shaws a try. Most have the natural harvest section, if it's a smaller town they will usually only have a aisle labelled "Nutritional", which is still probably better than many other supermarkets.

I'm Back!

I only expected to be gone for a week while I moved from VT to CT, but it turned out to be a month!
First, my internet satellite was knocked out by a thunderstorm, and we weren't about to pay $75 for someone to fix it when we had to cancel the service anyways a week later because we're moving.
And then once we moved, all we had was dial-up. I....hate....dial-up..... It makes me wish I was a monkey because then I could throw poo at people (legally).
So finally, we signed up for High-speed. And then we discovered that the Ethernet driver wasnt installed on the computer. So I had to go through tech support to use the USB connection to the modem (and we then found out that you cannot have both cords plugged in together.)

But I'm back now!

Google Search!