Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Chocolate Banana Chunks

Here's a delicious recipe for any time of year!

1 cup vegan semi-sweet chocolate chips (try Ghiradelli's)

2 medium/small bananas, chopped into 3/4 inch semi circle chunks.

1) Heat the chocolate chips in a double boiler or in a fondue pot.
2) When half melted, add a few millileters of soymilk, and stir in.
3) Fully melt the chocolate/soymilk mixture. Stir often, it burns even if the fondue pot is heated by a tea candle.
4) Add more soymilk until the desired consistency. More soymilk = runnier.
5) With a toothpick or skewer, dip an individual chunk into the chocolate, and onto a plate. Do this will all the chunks.
6) Put in the fridge until the chocolate is almost solid. If you want it to be an actual hard coating, move to the freezer for a few hours.

You can also use the dip as chocolate fondue for apples and other fruits, breads, etc. To create the chocolate coating, you need to chill them but you can eat them warm.


Harmonia said...

I thought I would stop by and say hello. Eventhough I am over twice your age I am alway happy to meet a fellow veggie female. You have a great blog here.

Mind if I link you?
I'm at:

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

I dont mind at all!

jamal said...

Does this "vegan" thing mean no meat?, or no animal products to eat, use or wear.

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

A vegan is one who eats no animal products (milk, eggs, honey, albumin, meat, fish, carmine, casein, etc) and who does not wear fur, leather, etc.

A vegetarian is one who eats eats milk, eggs, honey, etc but does not eat meat.

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

These chunks are really good! I made them the other night and I couldnt stop myself from eating them!

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