Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dollar Bills!

I was on where I got a great idea for activism! Write stuff on dollar bills.
Dollar bills go everywhere!! I've seen dollars from New York in Hawai'i!! (I'm serious, when I went to Hawai'i i was looking at my money and noticed that a lot of it was from NYC and Boston)

All you have to do is write a small message in pen, here are some examples:

  • Go Vegan
  • Go Vegetarian
  • Meat = Murder (or Meat is Murder)
  • Meat's No Treat for Those You Eat
  • (this one will get some attention)
Hope those help! Remember to use ink, pencil is erasable.

While some say its illegal (government property) there was an article in Readers Digest about a man who did this (dont know the reason) and it was fine. Its virtually impossible to get caught, because they cant prove who wrote on, if it was you or the guy who has the buck first.

So hop to it, and pass the buck!


Sexy Vegan Chick said...

Here are the best places to write:

The back margin (biggest margin on the bill)
In the blank spaces on the front
The front margin

Alex Muse said...

Wondering if dollar bills are vegan themselves? Ink? Material?

Google Search!