Sunday, February 26, 2006

Guess who's back? Back again... Tell a friend... Give me hits, give me hits, give me hits...

Hey, I'm back. My weekend was okay, I went shopping!
As you know, WetSeal is amazing and so I got a dress there. It was only 27 bucks. Its a black tube dress with a slip and lace layers. And its cruelty-free! And then I got loads of jewelry.

The food part of the weekend was interesting. My step-mum didnt have anything for me to eat at her house, so I had to order vegan pizza. It was pretty good. Its hard trying to explain to a 5-year old that pizza doesn't have to have cheese.

Then came the night where my step-mum made risoto. This was hilarious. As my mum and her were making it, I asked "Uh, whats with the chicken stock?" and then came the series of "Oh f***!" and "Sh*t!". So I had to make my own.
Then to grease the pan, my mum brought over butter! So I was like "Uh, whats with the butter?" Then came laughter. It was quite funny. While I was just about done, my stepmum asked "Do you want some feta cheese?" and I just cracked up.
On the next post I will have the recipe for my Vegan Risotto, yummy! It actually kind of tastes like chicken.

I also ate Indian over the weekend. Yum. Vegetable Biryani is sooooo good. Its basmati rice with exotic spices and vegetables. Its really filling and delish.

Now to post the risotto recipe,
-Vegan Chopped Liver (Its pretty good!)

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