Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Valentines Day ♥

Okay, I know its not a REAL holiday, and we can all thank Hallmark for it, but its still a great day. Lets get past the corporate scandal part of it and think about lurve. Think about the true meaning of love and how it affects us (in the good ways, the other 364 days of the year we can piss and moan)

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Of course I'm into V-day, I'm in love. But the real issue is candy hearts. For those of you who dont know, those things are made of geletin. (Boiled animal bones, ligaments, and tendons)

Those are the ones I am talking about ^^

While candy hearts are very cute (I cant deny their appeal in society), they are not vegan. So as vegans and compassionate people in this world, I propose that we all do something different for Valentines day instead of giving your sweetie a piece of a dead animal that says "I Love You"on it.

Most people do candy hearts, and a lot of vegan give/eat them without knowing they are not vegan! So here are some cruelty free ideas for Valentines Day:

  • Bake vegan brownies
  • Give out other candies (semi sweet chips, lollies, etc)
  • Make homeade cards and even storebought
  • Teddy Bears are the ultimate sign of love these days
  • Big lollipops (the ones that are 6" in diameter)
  • Give out other kinds of stuffed animals
  • IOU cards (free massage, kiss, makeout session, car wash, do the dishes, etc)
  • Treat your honey for a night out

Thats all I can think of for now. So I want YOU to think of some stuff, go out and do it. Promote compassion towards animals, and have fun and show off your love. Leave your ideas as a comment, or on the chatterbox.

Peace Out


smelly_cat said...

make a big heart shaped cake a write things like hug me kiss me be mine ect...on it..make it look like a giant candy heart :P

and heys! im from the peta2 boards

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

Thats a brill idea! I have heart shaped 8x8x2 pans! Thanks a bunch, I think a lot of other people will find that helpful too!

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