Sunday, March 05, 2006

Its FUNdue

I just got a 3-cup fondue pot for my birthday (an upgrade from the 6 oz one I got for Christmas.) With it I got a fondue platter (its a quarter circle, almost looks like a sushi box)

You can expect to see some more recipes for fondue coming up! As soon as the brownies are gone, I will be making fondue.


Apple said...

Belated Happy Birthday.

I saw your link on the vegan lunchbox blogspot.

I am currently a vegetarian and am working towards cutting out diary and other non vegan options. I think it’s great that a young person like yourself has gone to such effort to understand the ramifications of what they eat and their purchasing choices. I find many people in my own age group (late 20’s) don’t take the time to find out these things so I’m very pleased the next generation is making more of an effort then mine!

I hope your blog really gets off the ground and encourages more people to try vegan foods.

I’m looking forward to the fondue recipes.

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

Thanks so much for the kind words.

There are a lot of people in my age group who dont know anything about animal rights or even care about them enough to do something. You show them a picture of a factory farm, and they gasp and say "OMG". But then for lunch, they get the chicken nuggets with the excuse "Oh well, these taste good."

I can' wait till all my birthday brownies are gone so that I can make some fondue. I already have some recipes thought up.

Apple said...

But Chicken nuggets don't even taste nice ;)

As much as we would like to end all animal cruelty the only way we can do that is by making sure our own money doesn't fund cruelty and be there to answer other people's questions when they ask. People might think I’m crazy for spending extra money on fair trade products, or extra time making my own sauces from scratch so I know it’s all healthy, natural and ethically sound, but at least I know I’m not giving tacit permission to big business to step on the little guys, the environment and the animals. Plus my stuff tastes nicer too ;)

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