Friday, March 24, 2006

We sure as Hell aren't weak!!

Soooooo many people think vegans are weak. I already know that I have a post on this, but I have come to prove it.

First off, I'm the 6th or 5th best person on the track team. The first 5 guys are what you call super athletes, they are about 5'10 at least, muscular and skinny at the same time, and are seniors with full developed bodies. And they are all MALE.

My coach was surprised today when I ran an 800 meter dash. Even though she knows I can run pretty fast with good endurance, she was still surprised, saying that for a middle-level girl, I could definitely go far in middle distance running and maybe long. Which was totally sweet to hear. And I thought I was out of shape!

After running a hell of a lot today (more than any other girl), I was the only one not exhausted. I was even able to do a full campus loop around VTC, when everybody except 2 of the "superguys" did a half loop. We even finished before most of the ones doing the shorter loop.

So, I think its safe to say that we vegans are not f***ing weak!! :)
Do you have a story of comment on that proves how you arent weak, even though society wants to believe that you are? POST IT!!


Adam Trent Phillips said...

Ok, I'll post...

I went vegan a year ago, and this is what happened:

1) High Blood Pressure (180/90) went to slightly below normal (112/64. The doc said this was _really_ good news. (this took only about 4 months)

2) Cholesterol went from about 300 (with the bad cholesterol high) to 155, and the good cholesterol is very high. The said said this was great. (Took only four months)

3)I lost the better part of 80 pounds. The thing that caught a few people off guard is that I lost _no_ muscle mass nor tone. In fact, it went _up_ with only a little walking as exersize.

4) My sleep apnea is pretty much gone. I also need less sleep.

I am six feet tall, 235 pounds now and without the use of a single drug. I can't argue with results.

Adam Trent Phillips said...

PS: I should note that I am 35, still smoke and was a McJunkie 'till about a year ago.


Sexy Vegan Chick said...

Wow, thats great!

Jarett said...

Carl Lewis, the track and field athlete that won 9 Olympic gold medals and 9 World Championship gold medals, said this: "In fact, my best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet."

We're told that we "need" meat and dairy products for protein and calcium but these are simply lies that are given to us from the companies that make billions of dollars from selling these products. Eating animals and their fluids is not beneificial to our health. The truth is starting to come out though. More and more people are being cured of all sorts of diseases, even cancer & AIDS, by simply changing to a vegan diet. This information won't be able to stay hidden under the covers for long. The truth can never be hidden for long because it stands on it's own needing nothing to back it up.

- Animals are my friends. I don't murder and eat my friends.
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