Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday, Already???!!

Today was such an interesting day. Since we didnt have school yesterday or the day before, I have loads of homework due this week and in the near future.

1) Packet on Manifest Destiny
2) Additional paper on Manifest Destiny
3) Science project on wind power. My group has to present for 80 whole minutes!
4) French penpal letter
5) French poem in french, decorated
6) Typed final drafts of poems for english
7) Additional poem for english
8) Paper for geometry on TRIG!
9) Design my duck shaped teapot for art
10) Poster for science

Then today I had to film my presentation on earthquakes for health. It was pretty funny. We had to pretend we were newscasters. So, as a comedic act showing me putting on makeup before going on air, my friend starting shaking the table. It ended up me having black eyeliner and deep maroon lipstick all over my face. And then we had someone yell "5 seconds till airing". So (as an act) I had to look startled and try to wipe off the makeup, which ended up smearing it all over my face. It was quite fun.

Anyway, that was my day. And the rest of my day is homework. How lovely.

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