Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm back... again! - Mothers Day

I went away this weekend to CT so I wasnt able to get on. Dont worry, my internet is working just fine!

This Mother's Day was a bit hectic this year... I went away to CT b'cause my mum's boyfriend lives there. They were making french toast, so I was SUPPOSED to make my own vegan version by using soymilk, sans egg. But the bread his mother baked was milk bread, and all the other stuff had honey in it. SO... I found some chocolate instant pudding mix that was VEGAN! It was the JELLO brand! I couldnt believe it, but it was completely vegan, so I used soymilk instead of moo juice, and put fresh strawberry slices in it.

Oh yeah, then I got me mum some apple blossoms from our backyard.


Anonymous said...

hi there I was very inspired by your journal and was wondering if you would like to link up? I have a journal over at, and even though I cook meat for my family, I'm vegan myself and post vegan recipes and pictures :D

the link is:

just leave me a comment anytime!
Jen x

KleoPatra said...

Nice blog!! I just came here for the first time and like what you are posting. Good for you!

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