Thursday, June 01, 2006

Animal Testing ... FOR JUICE!!!!

For those of you who hadn't known, Welch's used to test on animals.
Why? To test the "health powers" of its juice. Pretty retarded, right?

Well, PETA has had another victory! Before starting an all-out campaign, PETA usually tries to convince companies to forgo the cruelty. If they dont listen, then PETA2 unleashes the Street Teamers.

Welch's has promised to ABOLISH animal cruelty within their company! Woohoo! This is great news, and should be celebrated.

However, PETA is now working on Ocean Spray, a competitor of Welchs (though its different kinds of juice)

PETA is now campaigning against Ocean Spray and hoping to convince them to stop animal testing. After all, its JUICE!

If you write a letter to the CEO of Ocean Spray (using the handy little form), you can earn 750 street team points (you still need to submit a RFP)

Visit the link here to learn about this cruelty and to email the CEO of Ocean Spray:

The page provides you with a letter, but you can also make your own. Here is a copy of mine:

I am horrified to learn that Ocean Spray tests on animals.

This is JUICE! Do you really need to harm animals to promote JUICE?
Sir, I am a big drinker of cranberry juice, and I know that it makes me feel good. I know that it makes me healthy.

Instead of harming innocent animals, why dont you do clinical studies on humans to see how the juice will help humans?

If you have so much kindness in your heart to care of consumers and want to make them healthier with their juice, than it shouldnt be hard to show a little kindness towards some helpless animals.

Please follow the lead of Welch's and abolish animal testing for Ocean Spray. Please follow your heart and your conscience and stop harming animals.

My friends, my family, and myself refuse to buy Ocean Spray products until you stop this unnecessary and downright CRUEL testing on animals.

I am looking forward to the day I will enjoy your products again.

Yours truly,
Allie Byrne

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