Friday, June 30, 2006

The Berries Are Here!!

Its berry season!!

Berries, berries everywhere!
Berries floating in the air
Berries, berries everwhere!
Berries floating in your hair
Berries berries everywhere!

(I'm a little obsesses, ok?)

At the Montpelier Co-Op, organic blueberries were on sale! And they have raspberries (my favorite).

I just put some of both in cup and downed them. Now my tongue is red, and I look like a murderer with my "bloody" hands!


*Note* I know I didnt publish very many posts during the week. I did this so that the recipe contest would remain on top. I didnt forget about you guys!!!

If you know of anyone who would be interested in entering, tell them!


Urban Vegan said...

wow--I wish I had gotten as happy about berries when I was 14. You are one smart vegan cookie.

t. said...

Berries are not on sale here. I mean they are sold but they are cazily expensvie...

(sights of unhappines...)

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