Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happiness in a Cone

A new recipe I made while totally bored. Its deliciously cold and creamy, and vegan. Oh yeah, its SOLID chocolate!!!

I made up the name since I couldnt think of anything better.

Ice cream cone (not a sugar cone, one of those flat bottom soft-serve ones)
Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips

1) Boil water in a double boiler. If you dont have one, use a saucepan 1/2 full with water and put a slightly smaller one on top.
2) Fill the cone with chips, and put in the top part of the double boiler. Then add a few more chips.
3) Begin melting chips, and add enough soymilk to make a creamy yet thick liquid. (Its the same consistency as fondue. Technically, it is fondue.)
4) Pour liquid into cone until full.
5) Take a piece of plastic wrap, and cover cone. Put into freezer until solid (4 hours or overnight)

This is one of my favorite new recipes. Its nice and cold for the summer, and it doesnt melt that quickly so you can eat it outside.


cindy said...

That is a great idea. You say it was totally creamy. That is so cool, because I love ice cream.

Ryan Oddey said...

very creative.

t. said...

Vegan junk food!!!
Sounds totally delicious!

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