Saturday, June 10, 2006


I added a ton of links to vegan blogs, you should go check them out!

Also, if you have a vegan blog, I would be happy to exchange links.
If you know of a good vegan blog (that isnt your own), I'd also like to know and maybe put the link up as well.

Furthermore, if you have a blog and use the traffic exchange site BlogExplosion, I have my blog for rent at 50 credits so far. If any vegan blog is interested, I'd be happy to lower the credits to around 35 or so. You need to let me know quickly though, before it gets taken (if you're reading this and its already rented out, ask me about next week and I can put the offer up and email you about it).

Thats about it! Happy trails!


young_activist said...

I am a vegetarian but, when you consider the fact that 30 thousand children die every day of hunger you should rather have animals die than infants.

Sexy Vegan Chick said...


First of all, why do you think I value animals over children? I never said that.

Second, what does hunger have to do with it?
The world's beef cows, and beef cows only consume enough grain to feed 8.7 BILLION people. We only have 6 billion!

If we stopped beef production (and other meat), we could feed everyone. The grain they eat is suitable for human consuption.

It obviously shows that you DO NOT know a thing about my beliefs because aside from animal rights, I went vegan in order to help the world with its hunger problems!

Third, hunger is not just about supply. There are other political issues that are part of the ever-growing problem.

Fourth, what does my blog have to do with that makes you think that I am against feeding the hungry.

Fifth, why do you accuse me so of things I have NEVER said. Where is your proof?

Please answer these questions before you ever try to discredit me, or anyone else again with illegitimate views and facts.

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