Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer Goals!

Since the BOTB doesnt seem to be too popular (fine by me, it was COMPLETELY random, and a dare from a friend), I've decided to put up some summer goals for myself.

* Make this blog a little more personal
(I need to pay attention to the word "my" in the title, I've been a little off track!)

* Get 6,000 hits
This shouldnt be too hard in 2 1/2 months. I'm going by visitors, not pageviews FYI. More accurate.

* Get some sort of layout
Even if its a simple something, I'd like to have it look pretty.

* Get more graphics
I should be going down to Conneticut alot, so I can send my pix from my phone to my email and download them!

* Hold at least 1 contest, preferably 2.
I dont know what the prizes would be. Besides a little badge, something material. Maybe BlogExplosion credits or I could write a quest article for your blog.

I dont want to put too much, I want to meet them :)


t. said...

Noooo! Let's work on burgers together and do a BOTB!!! It is a worth concept! you just need to get a few more comments!
I will try working on a tentative burger recipe and you can tell how it sounds to you: I am sure we can come up with the prefect burger recipe!

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Hehe, eating healthy is my last discovery so I wouldn't go back to my usual schedule anymore.

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