Saturday, August 12, 2006

Garlic Bread

I made this while in Nova Scotia... YUMMY!

I suggest no kissing or intimate moments after eating this unless you are dracula-phobic


8 Slices of Thick Italian Bread
1/2 to 3/4 cup of Vegan Margerine (EarthBalance, Soy Garden, etc)
5 cloves of garlic, minced

1) Preheat oven to broil (if available, choose "Low" broil)
2) In a bowl, mix the minced garlic and the margerine)
3) Spread the mixture evenly on all the slices of bread
4) Put in oven and broil until bread is crisp and is brown around edges


t. said...

Here in Italy it would be called Bruschetta: how yummie!!!!
Too bad I have a REALLY hard time digesting garlic. Only if I heat 10 hours before sleeping I can sleep ok and that means I need to eat it in the morning! When I sort of really do not feel like...

Anonymous said...

PS- Most bread isn't vegan.

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

Actually, a lot is. I'm assuming that the reading would have vegan bread on hand, or would purchase some.

P. Howard said...

The Rustic Boule I get at my health food store has these ingredients...

Unbleached Unbromated Flour, Water. yeast, and salt = Vegan ; )

Jamie said...

Most "in store made" bakery bread is vegan. It is just those packaged breads that you have to watch out for.

The Vegan Chick said...

Depends, a lot of those breads have an "egg wash" on them to make the crust shiny and hard. At least Big Y does that a lot, I have to get the Tuscan Roll because it's artisan bread with a flour-topped crust.

Authentic French bread only contains flour water yeast and salt. It's illegal in France to sell French bread with more ingredients, ie cornmeal or conditioners or other gmo crap

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