Saturday, September 02, 2006

Me Sad

( I couldnt think of a better title... )

Yesterday my mom gave away our dog Sebastian. With everything that is going on he causes "too much stress and mess". I'm so sad, he is such a nice doggy, but with no manners.

He wasnt fixed until we got him (when he was 4), so the whole male domination thing was still stuck in his mind.

We originally got him to keep our other dog, Oreo company. In truth, Oreo likes being Queen of The House (and couch, bed, etc)

But she gave him to one of her renters (she owns property elsewhere), and hes usually the one who dog-sits them when we go. He has a 8month old puppy thats reaaaaallllllllyyyyy hyper, and the two get along great. Plus there's a river and Sebastian loves to swim (Hes more of an outdoor dog and than an inside dog). We can still see him ever so often which is good, and the dogs will see each other when we drop Oreo off when we go on vacation (though now that there is only 1 we can take her with us)

I guess there is a lot of good things about this, both dogs will be happier, our lives will be easier, and since we *might* be moving next year, it will be easier to find an appartment that allows one clean big dog than 2 big dogs of which one is messy.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, creepy, i just randomly stumbled across your blod from the Vegan club blog and i realized you have a dog called oreo too, wow, m dog oreo is a miniature fox terrier x chihuahua, aww i love oreo as a dog name, so cute!!

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