Monday, February 05, 2007

New Layout

Yes, there's a new layout!

Things that've changed:
  • I tried to make the background sublte but still showing. I've noticed however that the colors look a bit different between Mozilla Firefox and MSIE 7 but overall I think it works.
  • Some borders and heading have been turned purple (changed the border on the description)
  • Rent my blog space is more visable (you can see it w/o having to scroll)
  • Important Posts list has been shortened
  • New Blogs in the "Blogs I Read" section
  • Link to Blogarama Blog Directory added, button to favorite on Technorati added also.
I was going to make the layout snazzier, actually. Something along the lines of this. But I realized that lots of CSS and graphics makes a page ...r....e...a...l...l...y... slow to load, which isnt cool when you're like me and use BlogExplosion and other traffic exchange sites because after waiting the minimum 30 seconds, the page hasnt even loaded.

I also wanted my page to be accessible by other browsers and display sizes. CSS (and even ESS) makes pages slower and having a CSS/ESS/or Java dependent website sucks for someone who doesnt have them. So excuse the lack of graphics :)

If you find any glitches, comment up!

1 comment:

jessica said...

feedback for you.
the green stripes in the background is very strong against the smaller typeset.
perhaps make the typeset stronger or the background softer.

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