Thursday, August 02, 2007

Visitor Map

This is the map of where my visitors come from, pretty cool eh? If you click "View My Stats" underneath my statcounter you can get the interactive version (see ISP's, how they got to my site, country/state etc) I just took a screenshot and pasted it into Paint and cropped it to get this. I've made it more than halfway across the globe, without even leaving CT ♥


Emmie said...

Wohoo! I'm the awesome Sweden one!

I like looking at my statcounter map, there are people checking my blog from so many remote locations of the world.

Canaduck said...

You are adorable. I'm sorry I didn't wise up to veganism when I was your age. It took me until I was 22! Bleh! I'm enjoying your blog--keep it up!

Anonymous said...

you should put a sticker in venezuela, south america, because i really like your blog (and admire your attitude as well) and visit it whenever i've got a time.



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