Monday, January 14, 2008

Ideas for A Contest?

I'm thinking about doing a new contest. The only snitch is that I don't know what it should be. But I know the prize(s) already, they would be BlogExplosion credits (between 25 and 250).

For those of you who dont know, BlogExplosion is a traffic exchange site that helps you get more traffic to your blog. Besides being easy to transfer, I also want to help support the online vegan blog community. So I guess the contest would only be open to bloggers (if you wanted the prize, and it could be any type of blog, not just vegan), but that means you could always make your own blog!

Maybe it could be a best blog contest? Or essay to be submitted to a newspaper? Or best vegan tutorial? Best vegan art? I'm still not exactly sure yet, so leave me some ideas!

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