Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cool New Website - PetaStudents.Org!

There's a new website out there called PetaStudents.Org. Here's what they have to say:

The PETAstudents Project is an easy way for hopeful students young or old to contribute to the animal rights group PETA at no cost. We're working together with FastWeb (owned by popular job search engine to provide free information and scholarships for top-notch colleges in the United States, and for every person that provides non-invasive contact information to FastWeb's college and scholarship site, we'll be able to donate $1 to PETA.

You actually don't really do a whole lot with the original site, it's like a referral program. Once you click the "Sign Up" button on PetaStudents, you are directed to a sign up sheet for FastWeb. Since I was dubious at first (and since I get about 10 letters from colleges daily), I put in a fake address. The FastWeb site is very nice and has a lot of useful information and articles, even without the college/scholarship stuff. I presume that FastWeb pays the guys at PetaStudents for each referral, and in turn, they donate $1 to Peta. Which means for free, you and I can give money to Peta!

I think this site has a lot of potential to do well, so if you are high school or college age, please sign up!


Dave said...

Hi Allie! Thanks so much for mentioning our site. Yup, that's the process - we're hoping to do some good.

Hope we get a chance to chat again sometime!

Anonymous said...

i am vegan staunchly opposed to PETA. they are the band name version of animal rights. they support BSL (breed specific legislation).this is basically the extermination of certain breeds without justifiable cause (i.e. pit bulls) animals are animals. rights are right. just a tidbit of info. :)

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