Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin = An Animal's Worst Nightmare

Usually I try to keep politics out of my blog, but in this case I owe it to every animal in this country.

As the hotly contested election draws nearer, I am going to shed some light on America's favorite "pit bull with lipstick." We all have probably heard that she is a big hunter and wants to drill the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge for oil (which McCain actually opposes), but here is some more juicy, or shall we say, "bloody" information on Sarah Palin.

  • Palin supports "aerial hunting", where low flying planes shoot animals with no chance of escape.
  • She encouraged this monstrosity with a proposed bounty of $150 for each severed wolf foreleg, and also introduced legislature to make this hunting easier.
  • She promotes wolf hunting because wolves hunt caribou and moose, and those are the two favorite targets of Alaskan hunters. So by killing wolves, there would be more moose and caribou to kill.
  • Alaska is the ONLY state to allow aerial hunting of wolves.
  • She authorized $400,000 of Alaska funds to oppose a ballot initiative to end aerial hunting.

See this video, which was not produced by the Obama campaign, on what happens in aerial hunts (I cried). Thanks to for posting this:

  • Alaska sued the federal government to keep polar bears off the endangered species list. Why? Because the bears were in the way of oil drilling!
  • She is a lifelong hunter and NRA member.
  • She owns a commercial fishing business with her husband.
  • She had no qualms about authorizing the killing of mother and cub bears in Alaska.
  • Her husband's favorite sport is dog sled racing, and she is a promoter the Iditarod race.
  • She has publicly declared global warming a "farce" that wasn't created by humans, and it is in Alaska where most of our country's animals will be paying the price for the climate change.

I know animals aren't everything in politics, but if this is who John McCain is picking as a vice-president, I have serious questions about his judgment. Do we want a cold-hearted savage in the White House?

And in case you're wondering about the other side, Biden has an excellent animal-rights record, and so does Obama. He has been endorsed by the Humane Society. Read this short article about Obama supporting animal rights.


Anonymous said...

So you are saying that we should hate a person for being an NRA member and a hunter. This has little if anything to do with the presidential or vice-presidential role. I am not saying that I support Palin, McCain, Biden, or Obama. Truth be told, none of them are really what this country needs, but if you want to make a point about a candidate at least relate it to something substantial. By choosing to be a vegan, you cannot control the lives of others who do not.

Allie B said...

I'm not saying to hate a person for hunting, but killing an innocent life is what it is. I'd rather not see a person who has no qualms about mutilating animals a heartbeat away from being President. I think it would be better to have a compassionate duo instead.

And frankly, how one treats animal is substantial. It has been proven that most violent crimes offenders started by hurting animals. I'm not saying Palin is an ax-murderer, but this who she is and what her morals are. And its a vegan blog so my point was mostly about her inhumane record, not the actual election.

localhost said...

There are few true hunters that approve of this brutal and misery causing form of hunting. There is no science to back the logic (i.e. that removing wolves produces an appreciable amount of moose in hunting areas). Wildlife scientists have publicly opposed this and even cry out that people coordinating aerial wolf hunting do not understand what a wolf's primary diet is (i.e. it is not moose and caribou but mainly rodents and scavenging).

What makes this morally incomprehensible is that aerial wolf hunting is based upon unsubstantiated arguments made by a somewhat biased source (i.e. Alaska's big game trophy hunting lobby) and not by wildlife science.

How is this my business? It is being funded by taxpayer money. And we, the taxpayer, were responsible to pay out that $150/leg bounty. This type of cruelty should be everyone's business.

This ad should air nationwide. Support airing it at:

Anonymous said...

In reponse to Anonymous #1 comment:

This does have relevance as it gives the voting public another perspective of Gov. Palin, who Palin listens to (Hunting industry versus Wildlife scientists) when backing and funding such policy, and just how compassionate this hockey mom of 5 truly is towards wildlife and the environment.

I doubt Palin's view on aerial wolf hunting is shared by many American voters, especially the voters that the GOP has branded Palin to be attractive to.

Anonymous said...

Humm.. Dead babies (abortion) vs dead animals. Gay marriage vs dead animals. Im voting with my human moral values. Yes this bugs me because Im a vegetarian but im also A christian.

Biblio Reader said...

Gay marriage vs dead animals and you'll side against gay marriage? Really? /Really/?

Kary said...

ughh this makes me so mad!!! =S and sad :(

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