Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taking Stock

Because I am a poor college student, I don't have a lot of money to spend on raw food equipment or food. This is what I have and what I will need to cheat on in the future.

What I Have:
  • Sprouter and seeds - A gift to my mom but she never uses it. She says I can use it as long as she gets to eat the sprouts too. Fair enough!
  • Toaster Oven - This will be my makeshift dehydrator. It has a dial thermostat so I can set it to below 112F.
  • Blender
  • Food Processor
  • Two Raw cookbook/guidebooks
Concessions to be Made:
  • Pasteruized foods - I don't have a juicer and cannot afford one plus all the fresh fruit for it at this time so I will have to drink pasteurized juices as well as nut milks that have been heated until I can get a nut bag.
  • My current pantry - My mother will kill me if I don't finish off what I already have but I will try to spread it out over the course of the next month or so. Right now I have a lot of roasted nut butters, soy milk, and protein bars.
  • Steam-rolled oats - Right now I don't have the time or energy or money to use raw oats so I will have to use conventionally prepared oats.
  • Vinegar - For the sake of salad dressing, I will continue to eat balsamic vinegar. Although its not raw, vinegar isn't exactly a super food so I'm not too worried about this. 
If after a few months or so I decide to stay raw, I will probably invest in a juicer and some other equipment, but for now this is what I will have to make do with.


Daughter of God said...

I'd like to know how you dehydrate food in the toaster oven..I've been wanting to dehydrate my food.

Allie B said...

Daughter of God - Set the toaster oven to the "warm" setting (rather than bake, toast, etc, to ensure even heating). Then, set the temperature low. Most of the material I have read says that you should not heat above 112 or 104.

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