Sunday, March 20, 2011

Unfortunately I never had the chance to either buy or make raw bread last night. I got asked to work early this morning so I didn't want to be up all night then have to wake up at 8am.

I did get to do a lovely food shopping though! I got cantaloupes, hummus, mangoes, rice milk (it was on sale and much cheaper than almond milk this week), raw sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, a case of clementines, turbinado sugar, apple cider vinegar, and Lara bars.

Unfortunately I fell a bit off the bandwagon last night because my lack of bread prompted me to eat hummus with Ritz crackers and then a bowl of chex with rice milk I wish I hadn't eaten it before bed because I woke up with sore spot in my stomach that I could pin down to cooked food. I'm not too upset though, I didnt have enough protein yesterday anyway because my sprouts haven't germinated yet.

Right now, the goal is to switch my tastes from processed and cooked foods to whole and raw foods. Right now I'm eating half a cantaloupe for breakfast and it is delicious. I forgot how much I love fruit (instead of baked sweets) and I'm trying to switch in fresh fruit for all the desserts and sweet snacks I used to eat. So far I think I'm doing pretty well!


Jennifer said...

I noticed when I started eating more raw foods that I had really missed fruit too! My taste for sugary stuff is really starting to go away.

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