Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Animals are Living Beings, Not A "Hot" Accessory!!!!

Sorry, but this really makes me mad. I can't tell you how many celebrities are going around carrying their dogs in their purses, like its just a piece of jewelry! People like Paris Hilton are going around, getting a dog, and when the "OMG its soooo cute!!!!!!" hype has gone down, they ditch it for another.
Its not right. Animals are not trinkets we can just carry around. They are living, breathing, creatures.
This whole thing with the itsy-bitsy doggies is horrible. Now even the common person is going out and getting a small breed, JUST so they can be "in". Its one thing to buy the latest-and-greatest pair of jeans. Its another to buy an animal, one whom you probably don't know how to care for or even have the time to care for.
"We've seen a huge increase in interest in smaller breeds," says Daisy Okas, an AKC spokeswoman, who attributes the trend, in part, to Paris Hilton and other high-profile celebs who are photographed with pint-size pooches.
While tiny dogs are cute, and make great pets, they need a responsible caregiver. If you are a person who loves dogs, and has the time, energy, and financial ability to have one, thats great! But if you want a dog thats going to stay in a tiny purse, travel everywhere with you, and not be able to live a healthy dog-life (walks, training, sleep, etc) then its not morally right for you to get one.

I could rant on and on and on and on about this, but to save your ears I wont. If you want to see the article about the growing "trend" of small breeds, the article is "Pets: My Little Puppy" by Elise Soukup.


xxamirahxx said...

thanx 4 leaving a msg on my taggie! (i hope u put one on ur blog too..). i read ur profile just now and noticed that we've got quite the same taste in music! (but i'm not gonna be a nanny here,
lol) ;)

and hey, omg..i agree with you. it's not cool putting pets in handbags,etc and turning them into 'accessories'. ppl like paris is like.."look, i'm rich, i'm cute, i can afford to buy a handbag and put my pet in it..aren't we the cutest things ever??" i'm like..WTF?? i mean,can the pets breathe? can they move in there?? like helloooo..how big can a handbag be? duh. plus i'm not really a fan of paris either, so there u go. ;)


Sexy Vegan Chick said...

I totally agree. The whole "flour-on-Paris" thing was hilarious.

I dont have a taggie, I used to, but I really want my blog to look proffesional and it sort of detracted from that.

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

OMG!!! (am I acting "preppy and gay" yet?)

This post got on the Blogcritics.org site for "Friday Femme Fatales" of bloggers! They even said I was the youngest ever blogger on the FFF. Me feel so special! LOL, here is the link to my mentioning 0:-)


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