Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Graphics are a great way to show you care about animals! Think not? Then you're wrong. Graphics, when used correctly can be great. For example, on AIM and Yahoo, I talk to people all over the world. And I use an animal rights avatar/buddy icon so everyone knows I'm vegan. They see the link to peta, and then they become educated!

So, if you like to make images and graphics, here are some ideas for you:
  • Make animal rights buddy icons for yourself and others! You can even submit them to peta2.
  • Make animal rights banners and such for websites.
  • Make blog layouts, webpage templates, and other templates/layouts for animal rights themed stuff.
  • Make badges and awards for sites that promote veganism and animal rights!
  • Make graphics for everything!
Hope those help. I know a LOT of people love to make graphics, and also love animals, so what better way to combine your 2 loves? Here is an avatar I made:

You can make graphics in basic MS Paint, or software like Adobe (very expensive) and PaintShopPro (somewhat pricey). A great editor is PhotoFiltre, which I use when I dont use Adobe. It has cool gradient fills and special feats. You can download it for free, and is much better than MS Paint. (Like MS Paint though, you can do animations or transparent backgrounds) You also can use online-painter programs (Oekaki programs) on sites like Just be sure you follow the rules of those sites.

If you want publicity for your graphics and images, dA (deviantART) is a great site. Its an online community for artists of all sorts.
Hope you found this interesting, because graphics rock!

Happy graphic-ing!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Many thanks for the Great Avatar that you have posted. Your Good work deserves credit. I appreciate that.

A noble vegetarian life is an ideal life in todays world. I don't know why many of us have not realized the fact that a vegetarian life has several benefits in all three aspects: physical, mental and spiritual.

We should learn to love our animal friends as one of our own. Those loving creatures are not a food, they aren't one of it.

Best Regards,

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