Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Vegan Chocolate Fest!!

A common question for vegans is "Can you eat chocolate?" The answer is, yes. Not all chocolate is made with milk. Personally, I like dark chocolate best anyways. Its the richest. So, here is a review of all sorts of vegan chocolates! They are rated on different aspects (Its a minor's form of wine tasting!) If you have any other brands you would like to rate, please do so using my forms of rating, and post it as a comment!

Newman's Own Dark Chocolate with Orange:
Creamyness: 9/10
Richness: 8/10
Flavorfullness: 10/10
Satisfying: 9/10
Notes: Very good. Especially creamy and you can definitely taste the orange oil in the chocolate.

Green & Black Organic 72% Cocoa:
Creamyness: 6/10
Richness: 5/10
Flavorfullness: 7/10
Satisfying: 5/10
Notes: Not that great. Has an interesting aftertaste that isnt very desirable.

Gheridelli's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips:
Creamyness: 8/10
Richness: 9/10
Flavorfullness: 8.5/10
Satisfying: 8.5/10
Notes: Very good. Great in fondue if you add some plain soymilk. Very yummy. Be careful not to buy the Semi-Sweet bar, it contains milk powder in it.

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