Saturday, February 04, 2006

Have an XL Super Bowl party, or just have an XL-ent one!

I looooooove football. My favorite sport to watch on TV. Now, I'm a mega Patriots fan (c'mon, this girl grew up around the corner from Foxboro!) but obviously thats not happening. So, I'm rooting for the underdogs. Back when it was Boston vs New York for the AL champs in the World Series, the world voted for Boston because we were the underdogs! So, its my turn to pay back the world. Gooo Seahawks!!

Its a much better city anyway. What city did Vegetarian Times (in its July/August 2005 issue) name the 8th Greenest City in the US? Seattle of course! Anyway, it has less pollution and a space needle.

Besides my rant, here is the other part of the SuperBowl you need to know; Rolling Stones are playing for the half-time act. Go 60's baby boomers!! Mick Jagger is the only guy who can be 60 and wear a belly shirt. End of story.

Now for the actual party planning stuff!

When it comes to food, no formal stuff. If you cant eat it with your hands or a toothpick, ditch it. Football is played by men, not plastic females dressed in stilettos wearing dainty dresses. Unless you are having a women's party, finger foods it is.

The Basics: Chips and Salsa.
No party is complete without chips and salsa. These are the key to success. You can have shitty food, but if you have good chips and salsa, you are going to be fine. I suggest having a variety of chips (corn, kettle cooked, baked, flavored, etc) if you have a big crowd. Make sure you have enough. Nothing sucks more than having great food run out by halftime. Now, I'm lucky. This year the crowd at my house is small, my grandpa, my mother, and myself. And two dogs who will do anything they can to get to the food. So one or two bags of corn chips will do it. But its better to be safe than sorry. Also, you need good salsa. Again, if its a big crowd, get all types (mild, medium, hot, roasted garlic, roasted chilis, corn and bean, etc) Its best to have them labelled if there is a lot. And remember, dont let the supply run out. You also can have layer dips for the chips.

The Basics: Finger/Toothpick foods.
Soy pigs in a blanket (also known as corn dogs) are great. You can cut them up or buy minis. They need to be small. Nobody is going to pick up a banana sized corn dog with a toothpick, let alone eat the whole thing. People graze. Get used to it. Other similar things, like cut up egg rolls, rollup mini sandwiches, cubes of vegan cheese, all that good stuff. Make sure to have all applicable condiments (mustard, ketchup, etc) Soy meatballs are always good. Spicy meatballs are better. Spicy food is general is good, but again, if there is a large crowd be accomodating to everyone. Pizza is also a good thing. Whether its no cheese or soy cheese pizza, its a good thing. Cut it up into 2 inch squares. This helps it go by slower and gives people the option to graze.

The Basics: The Un-junk food.
If women, children, or people who actually care about how they look are coming to your party, or you dont want to feel sick in the morning, you want some un-junk food. This means cubed vegan cheeses, veggie sticks (carrot, brocolli, celery, etc), cubed fruits (pinapple, apple, banana, kiwi, orange slices, grapes, etc) and maybe some pita chips.

The Basics: Beverages.
Obviously, beer is a given if its a party for adults. Since I'm only 13, I can't really help you with that choice except for the fact of either having lots of different brands or picking a brand that has to do with the local area of the team you are rooting for (or both teams) Like, you would get Sam Adams if its a Pats game. Now, you also need non-alcoholic beverages for the underaged, and if the salsa is hot, someone doesnt have to drink 5 beers to wash it all down. I suggest sodas, like Root Beer, Coca-Cola, Sprite, etc. Plastic 20-oz's look cheap, and are pricey. If possible, get glass bottles or cans, they blend in with the theme of beer-drinking, and look really cool. If not, get 2 liter bottles. Dont put them on the coffee table in front of the Telly, they will get knocked over, take up space, and most importantly, block your view of the TV. Nothing sucks more than not seeing the pass that made the winning touchtown because cola was in the way. Believe me. Also, its good to have juice and spritzers on hand.

The Not-So-Basic: Banners and Paraphenelia.
It doesnt matter if you are supporting a team, have a mixed bag of supporters for both teams, or are just watching for the hell of it. B&P are good to have. If its a mixed party, make sure to have a banner or helmet for each team. If its a Steelers Party or a Seahawks party, have your team's stuff. Pretty simple.

The Not-So-Basic: Setup.
You need something to sit on, and somewhere to put the food, and a TV. A couch will usually do, with a TV in front of it and a coffee table inbetween. Then, have a room nearby (kitchen, big bathroom, guestroom) with all the food in it. Bottles of beer/wine/spirits, sodas, bags of chips, extra salsas, corndogs, etc. On the coffee table, you want to have a bowl of chips (or multiple bowls for different types), and space for plates of other foods and drinks. You ALWAYS want to have chips in the room you are sitting in. During commericals people can get up and get the fancier and more advanced foods.

Now, if you have LOTS of room for plates and platters of corn dogs, all the chips, unjunk food, cubed veggies, etc, put that in the TV room with all the other stuff. But you need space on that coffee table for drinks and chips. Priorities.

Hope this guide helps you in your party, and remember, may the best team (Seattle) win!
Also, PETA has some great SuperBowl Recipes, here

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