Saturday, February 04, 2006


This is basically a whatever-the-f***-you-want-to-call-it post. Here is just some news about the blog...

Comments: Now in a popup window. Looks better, and is much easier to look at

Seitan and Mushroom Stroganoff: Sucks. Blows. POS. I tried it last night. For the whole story, read the comment on it. The sauce is horrible, everything else is good. If anyone wants to fool around the with the sauce, be my guest and tell us how it goes. (I think the tahini killed the sauce, blech)

Superbowl: I'll have some stuff in the next post for what to do for your SBXL party.

Also, if you have any requests, comments, questions, or ideas for the blog, just drop me a note:

AIM: Sexy Vegan Chick
Yahoo: mikekenjiishinoda

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