Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentines Day, Here it Comes!

Valentines Day is soon to be here (less than 3 hours, and 14 minutes!!)

As we all know, custom gifts are the ones people truly cherish. The hard part is finding the perfect combination of homeade and not homeade so that you dont come off looking cheap. So, here is what I did for my boyfriend.

First, last week I bought him some vegan truffles (made with soymilk). Since the box they came in has a girly wrapping and is see-through, I need to put them in a tin. So, I took a cocoa powder tin, removed the paper wrapper, and coated it with aluminum foil. Then I put stripes of red and purple on it with markers. I used a paper towel to smudge it and it now has colored foil!

At the bottom I put the truffles. I then covered them with 2 coffee filter centers. Then I took a coffee filter, filled it with chocolate chips like a pouch, taped it shut, and put it on top of the truffles.

Now, we all know that being able to "relate" to a gift is a great thing to do. So, to do that, when he opens it, I will tell him to eat the chocolate chips. As soon as he melts them in his mouth, I am going to start frenching with him. I've done this before, but not spontaneously. Anyway, it is very romantic indeed. What more could a couple want? Passionate kisses and chocolate. Put them together and you have a legal form of ectasy! (Not quite, but like we care...)

Baking sweet treats is a great way to woo any lover, and flowers and candy are always good and classic.

Hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day.

Smoochie smoochie!

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