Sunday, March 26, 2006

More Graphics!!

Remember how I said graphics are good for supporting animal rights? I am obviously right.

Anyway, I have a banner that I like to use for advertising the site. I've found that by linking to an interesting page instead of the whole blog, you attract more visitors to it. I've been using banners on BlogExplosion (a traffic exchange site). Even though by spending my credits on banners which gets me less traffic, I think its a better idea. Why? Because I am getting the type of visitors I want. I want people who are vegans and want good vegan information. I would love non-vegans to come here and learn, but my main audience is to help vegans and people interested in veganism.

So, I have a banner that I use to link to my recipe page, VOILA:

Isnt it spiffy? I love the photos, kudos to, a royalty free stock-photo site. I am also hoping to get clicks from people who want to lower their cholesterol, and maybe have them learn about veganism.

Anyway, I would really appreciate if you used my banner. A personal page, blog, website profile, a link share site, anywhere. I know for some this is impossible, but I think it would be a good idea to help the vegan community grow (and flourish!)

If you would be ever so kind and use it, here is the URL of the banner:
And the URL of the post is:

I was going to put it in a handy dandy textarea box, but blogger wont let me and it keeps f***ing up my URL's. Sorry bout that.

Here are some other graphics I have made!

Click Here to see (and use freely) a wallpaper I made of the vegetarian rock group Good Charlotte. I only want a (link back/text link) to this site if you are distributing it for others to use.

Click Here to see the Vegetarian tutorial I made. Feel free to show it (email, ping, etc) to anyone. If you use it on the web however (including emails), please (mention/link it to) the url of my blog (

Click Here for a 79x80 pixel animated avatar/buddy icon that tells people to check out Feel free to use it for anything you wish. Again, if its on the web either hyperlink it to me, or give the url of the blog the credit. (i.e. if you use it for an avatar on a website, in the profile please say something along the lines of "Avatar Credit:")

Green Grid Background. 1024x768 or 800x600 . Feel free to use these on any computer. I only want a (link back/text link) to this site if you are distributing them for others to use.

I hope you all like these graphics! If you do use one (or more!) please give appropriate credit, and thank you very much!!

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