Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Perfect Pore Cleansing Mask

This is a great mask. I made it last night, and it works great.
I've found that cornstarch and water make the best base for masks. It goes on easy, dries up, and comes off easily. No chemicals either. I didnt put measurements for the cornstarch and water because you often have to add more cornstarch/water to the mixture to get the correct texture.

Warm water
Tea Tree essential oil
1 teaspoon Green Tea extract (dried, approx. around 4 capsules)

1) Put some cornstarch in a cup. Add water until you get the consistency of gak. If you can tip the cup and have it flow, yet at the same time you can press down on it with your finger and have it be solid, its the right texture.
2) Add a few drops of tea tree oil. Stir in the oil completely.
3) Add a green tea extract. Stir in completely.

Voila! You are done. Wet your skin, apply, and let dry. Then remove.

***If you dont have Green Tea extract you can substitute brewed green tea for water instead.

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