Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Because I've been so busy, I don't have the time to research for the second part of Down With Meat. I wish I could, but I dont have enough time to research for it.

In other news, the film "Manolete" (Lolafilms, starring Penelope Cruz and some hunk) has some great news. The film is about bullfights and such, and it recently declared that they will be using CGI (computer generated images) in the film, so that no animals will be harmed in its making. This is good news, since many animal rights organizations (including PETA) have been concerned about the film.

In the next posts I will do a mini-series (I promise to finish this one!) on how to pamper yourself veganly. Sometimes dealing with the news of animals being abused gets stressful and you just want to relax and remember that YOU are making a difference, and that other's stupidy is not YOUR fault. And a little YOU time helps you feel better for a lot of animal time. YOU perform worse when you are frazzled, and this is going to help defrazzle YOU.

Love YOU,

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