Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Protein Snacks

If you do sports, you know what I mean when I say "Protein snacks are lifesavers". Even if you dont do sports, a pick-me-up of protein or an addition to a meal is very important. I do water aerobics, and after an hour of work, I am dead tired and starved way before dinner is even though of. So, here are some of my favorite vegan protein snacks that I like to eat.

  • LUNA Bars: These come in a variety of flavors. They are all vegan, and have 10 grams of protein in each bar. My favorites are Chocolate Pecan Pie and Lemon Zest
  • Tofu Pups: These are soy/tofu hot dogs.
  • Baguette Sandwiches: What you do is split a 3-inch section of a baguette in half so it opens. Then you put in red onion, tomato, and veganaise. You then add your choice of veggie slices. My favorite is Cajun Chicken slices by Yves.
  • Nuts and Chocolate: Very simple. Take a plastic baggie and fill it with nuts and Ghiradelli Semi-sweet chips. I like to use brazil nuts or cashews.
  • Vegan Pizza: Take a premade crust, and layer it with pasta sauce and veggies. You can add soy cheese if you want, but it wont melt if its vegan. (If it melts like regular cheese it has casein, a milk protein which is NOT vegan!) Then you top it with vegan pepperoni (Yves is my favorite brand)
  • Veggie Brats: Similar to tofu pups, these are vegan sausages. I like zesty italian (Yves) best. I like to top them with sauteed peppers and onions, and a little mustard.
  • Tacos: You can either use soy ground beef or mashed black beans. Either way, season with dark chili powder, cayenne, and red pepper flakes, and add chopped onions and tomatoes to the base. Top tacos with soy sour cream, guacamole, onions, tomatoes, salsa, leeks, etc.
  • Burritos: Amy's makes fabulous vegan frozen burritos. You also can make your own.
If you have any other quick and easy vegan proteinful snacks, comment up!


Ana said...

Soy yogurt plain or in a smoothie?
I love love love this: Safeway Select Enlighten Black Bean soup (comes in a cup, add hot water kind of thing)- it has 10g of protein per cup, and an amazing 14 g of fiber, and only 1 g of fat. Plus it's really tasty.

Like your blog. It's fun finding other veggie food blogs on here.

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

Soy yogurt is delicious. Smoothies are good too. I've had that soup before, its really good.

I'm really glad you like me blog, it means a lot to me!

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much! im only a vegetarian but ive been looking for protein enriched snacks that are actually good! these look great! thanks ;)

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