Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Correction Issue + The Age Issue

There seems to be a huge problem on the PETA2, and other vegan message boards. When anyone makes a mistake, there is always a butthead who wants to flame the person for human error. Dont get me wrong, correcting a mistake is a GOOD thing, but there is no need to be rude about it.

It happened the other day on the PETA2 boards. A person asked if a certain product at a fast food restaurant was vegan, and 2 people said that it was. The ingredient list is very short, and the non-vegan ingredients happened to be chemically-sounding preservatives.

Along came a person who said that the product in question was not vegan. Besides doing this, the person started to flame with "Don't tell someone that something is Vegan when you don't even know yourself!!". Come on people! Mistakes happen. While mistakes arent good, it is easy to make one.

The item in question is produced at a fast food restaurant. Do you have any idea what the people who work there typically are? 16 year olds who dont know what every single preservative in the item is! Even if they did know, with the names they have, it would be hard to find out if they were animal-derived. Most vegans would not know what they come from. I'd say 90% of the whole American population wouldnt know.
I have been to that store where the product comes from, and asked them myself. The boy (who looked about 15 or 16) checked the box, and said it was vegan. Just to be sure, I checked up on a vegan website, and got the truth, which was that it is NOT vegan. However, people generally trust the person who told them the product was vegan.
So even if the mistake wasnt yours to begin with, that person with nothing better to do in their life is going to flame you.

This not only happens on the PETA2 boards, but on other boards as well. I know this is a bit ranty, but its damn annoying! Mistakes happen! Get used to it.

Many times it happens to be the adults on the PETA2 boards who start yelling at people who make little, human mistakes. And then they go bitch and whine about the "little kids" (11-17) spamming and making the boards "useless". First off all, PETA2 is the YOUTH activism branch of PETA.. If you dont want to be around youth, go to another board. Many of the "kids" on the boards are very polite, respectful, intelligent, and care about animals. Second, most of the spam on the boards is in the 101 board. The other boards are usually pretty good (besides a few trolls here and there). Third, the "adults" keep complaining about all the little girls asking the "spit or swallow" question. Sure, there are millions of those boards, but there are also way too many posts by adults and complaining about them, which really doesnt help the spam problem.

I'm not against the adults, take me word on that. Its just a select handful of them are expecting too much, and dont understand that the site made for YOUTHS is going to be filled with YOUTHS.

I'm done with my rant... Thanks for listening...

(The Correction Issue) I have ommited usernames, the product in question, and the url of the post to product the identities of the people involved. However, if you do find it on your own, feel free to tell them a piece of your mind.

I also did the same for posts relating to the Age Issue.

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Adam Trent Phillips said...

As a 35 year old, I have to admit that it can be easy for our memories to be faulty- in the sense that we don't always remember that we where not little Buddahs at 15 ourselves.

As adults, we are not supposed to hold youth to an unreasonable standard (one that many adults would be hard pressed to meet if they could even manage it), but to hold ourselves to a higher standard and set a proper example for youth.


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