Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vegan and Goth Are Not The Same Word

I just got asked again today "Are you a vegan just so you can be a goth?" This is just so pathetic. Especially since I am not goth, and dont plan to be one.

Its quite common for vegan to be interested in the punk/dark scene, but I dont know why vegan has suddenly become a synonym for the words goth and punk. So what if I dont dress like you and dont eat like you? It automatically makes me a goth? I know a girl who is EXTREMELY girly, all she wears is pink. And since she is vegan, this guy came up to her and said "Since your vegan, are you a goth?"

And then comes the whole thing where someone comes up to you and says "You are such a poseur goth/punk." And then when you ask why they thought you were trying to be one in the first place, they say "Because you're vegan." Uh dude, diet does not equal style nor does it equal label (and labels suck to begin with).

I just had to rant about that. Its not really pissing me off, its just a nuisance.


durruti said...

Ignore 'em :-D You obviously have far more confidence in enjoying being who you are and finding lots more things to add to that as you travel through life. They may well continue to be small-minded and boring. I know who's life I'd prefer.

You're blog is brilliant, keep up the good work.

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

Yup. I know who I am and nobody can change that.

Thanks for the compliments btw!

Adam Trent Phillips said...

I have learned that some people's tiny brains start to melt down if people don't completly fit within their preconceived cookie-cutter-like notions of who and what people are supposed to be.


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