Friday, April 07, 2006

Thank Goodness for Energy Drinks

Today, for track we got to actually got to run ON A TRACK!!! Yippee. Its the kind that is from rubber bits, so it has a give but not too much. It was fun. I downed two Monsters since we didnt start until 4:30. I love them. Same with Red Bull. I know they arent the best for you, but they help. Especially since I have my period, and its rainy. So, I didnt exactly feel "pumped".

It was very interesting today. I go into Cumby's (aka Cumberland Farms) and check out the 4-packs on Red Bull and Monster. I notice that a 4-pack of RB is $7.49 USD, and the Monster is $7.99 USD. And there is a coupon for 40c on the Monster. But still, the RB is cheaper. So, I was about to pick up the RB (as any thrifty shopper would do), but then I thought (amazing, huh?) Red Bull comes in 8.3 oz cans. Monster comes in 16oz cans. So technically, Red Bull is double the price of Monster. So I got Monster instead. Remember that next time you go for energy drinks

Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar are all vegan. They all have synthetic taurine in them. Its much cheaper to put in synthetic taurine than to use the real stuff. I am not sure about Tab Energy. I have heard its vegan, but dont quote me on it.


Energy Drinks said...

hey do you find yourself craving meat ever?

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

Not really. I used to, but then I started eating some fakes to make it bearable. After that, and watching tons of slaughter videos, I dont miss it. Once you realise the industry of innocent murder you are supporting, you lose the constant cravings.

I mean, sometimes it would be nice to have the flavor of something, but all i do is think about what animal died to make that taste, and it stops.

2 years after being vegetarian, and 3 months after being vegan, I rarely get cravings. I think that the first 2 months after going vegetarian from meat-eater are the most difficult, but once you get through it, you wont have any major problems and such.

Anonymous said...

I applaud you on your dicipline in not eating animal products, but I have some questions/issues.

You are 14, right? At least that's what I got from your blog/page. Do you parents support you in this? Are you eating healthy? Don't answer with "of course! I'm vegan!" because obviously if you down energy drinks before running, you aren't. Your body needs protien, which energy drinks do not least not enough of. If your body does not get protien, it can not make anitbodies, hair, fingernails, or even the acids that digest those drinks.

I'm glad you chose not to support 'slaughtering animals', but you can but free range eggs, and milk. And there are meats out there that do not slaughter animals as cruely as you think. PETA is pure propaganda, as is anything else.

I'm not saying to eat meat, or that you are wrong in your decisions, I just want you to face the facts. As "healthy" as your lifestyle may be now, you probably actually don't eat as healthy as you think you do.

I used to be vegetarian, so I know where you are coming from, but that was until I was hospitalized for my veins collapsing. I would just like you to actually think about what you eat and what benefit it will do your body. There's more to it than just not eating animals.

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

My mother supports me being vegan. (My father isnt a part of my life at this time)

I am eating very healthy. I just got a physical and after talking to the doctor (whos not veg but studied it in college)

I rarely drink energy drinks, only when I'm really tired. I drink them about less than 3 times a month on average.

There is no humane meat or eggs. Either way its animal.

Just because you werent healthy doesnt mean all vegans and vegetarians arent. You have to be seriously unhealthy/missing vital nutrients to have what happened to you happen.

I've logged my food intake and I get over 100% of all my nutrients (the only supplement I take is iron (2x a week), since I usually get about 80%
on average.

My mother is a nurse, and so if my habits of eating got unhealthy I'm sure I would know about it.


has anyone noticed that all posts that are negative seem to come from Anonymous posters? I'm thinkin of banning them...

Tim said...

Just so you know, Monster also contains glucuronolactone and l-carnitine which can be either synthetic or from animal or plant sources. Not sure if Monster uses animal-sourced ones or not but that's something to look into.

Tim said...

... but I know for a fact Red Bull is entirely vegan.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if the sexy vegan chick was about 4 years older, maybe we could go out. Just playin... So, yeah, I am a vegan singer/songwriter. You can check me out on Anyway, I have been vegan for 2 years now. I am very healthy. I get physicals and blood tests often to prove this. To you non-vegan people who always want to question our health: Did you ever think about questioning what farming animals does to the environment. In addition to the fact that billions of animals each year are enslaved with no rights, live in fear while being treated as a product, and are senselessly murdered for unnessary food and clothing, this industry also gives rise to global warming, air, land, and water pollution, deforestation, disease, numerous scientifically proven adverse health effects, worldwide human starvation, and above all global negative multidimentional karma!

But back to your health concerns: Are you really woried about a vegans food choices? If someone is intelligent enough to become vegan, they usually are astute in finding out what their body needs. It actually takes barely any effort living in developed countries in this day in age. Just look in your local supermarket! There is a small refrigerated section devoted to mostly vegan products. You MUST try Tofurky! Sausages, lunch meat, and other products of tofurky (Turtle Island Foods) are available and you'll be very alarmed at how much protein these tasty meaty foods have. Soy is very good for you, and products like Tofurky are generally using organic and non-gmo plants and are abiding by labor laws.

As far as milk goes..... can it!!! How do you people think that what comes from a cow's breast (in human terms) is meant for our consumption? It's not good for you, as it can lead to numerous health problems. And even though you see it's got protein, that animal protein cannot be fully used by our bodies. In fact, only about 11% of the protein in milk can be used to our benefit. On the other hand, 100 % of the protein from soy, rice, almond, cashew or any other plant based milks or food products is obtainable for humans. YOU SEE, humans aren't meant to eat animals... why do you think we don't have teath that rip through hair and flesh? Can you imagine a man walking up to a cow and trying to take a bit. There would be a "mooo" and a really bad taste in a dude's mouth, end of story. I mean, out of all the animals that eat flesh, why are we the only ones who gag at the smell of a dead animal? And of course, every meat eater knows how they feel after sitting down to a pile of meat... you feel tired and bogged down if you eat enough. That feeling takes a while to go away too, you finally get relief when the next day, you finally poop it out. Real meat eaters have stomachs designed for flesh digestion and poop almost immediately.

All you need is a third veggies, a third fruits and berries, and a third of good fats (ie ovacados and nuts) and you will be a very healthy and happy human.

Let's loose stuff about how PETA is just propaganda. Have you ever talked to these people? Do you know why PETA was started. It is the organization of selfless compassion towards beings that don't have a voice. Like any other organization, it's not perfect. But these humans are beautiful. The animals rights movement is the only movement in the world's history that is completly selfless. The beings we are trying to protect are not of our race, hell they aren't even of our species! But we care about our planet and about our friends (the animals). It doesn't help us animal rights activists in society to be persecuted, jailed, and scorned. We risk our rights (US govt. is currently labeling animal rights activists as terrorists) for these creatures because we believe in love, peace, compassion, and harmony.

That's all for now. ~Alex Arndt

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

I've heard (from multiple sources) that Monster, Tab, Red Bull, and RockStar are vegan.

Anonymous said...

HEy I've been a vegetarian for about half a year now and now im trying to go vegan. Are you positive that Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar are vegan? Because I thought that i read somewhere that Red Bull is tested on hamsters or something. Just wondering. If you could find out whether or not they do, that would be a great and big help. Thank you!

TheUnsilenced said...

I'm not much of an energy drink fan; I do like soda (products other than Coke because they sponsor rodeos and don't deserve my money), which is really my only unhealthy vice. I've always wondered whether or not energy drinks were vegan, and I've looked at the ingredients on the back of my brother's energy drink cans, and the contents look questionable, but they might be synthetic. (I've heard synthetic is cheaper.) About the poster who claimed that an alternative to veganism is "free range" meat, dairy, and eggs, those products are not a kind option. While they might be "better" than factory farmed products, you could also argue that a child beaten with a fist is better than a child beaten with a club. The products are still cruel, regardless of the differing extremities in cruelty. More than 10 BILLION animals are slaughtered every year in the US alone, just for food. Also remember that "free range" dairy and eggs still involve killing. Layer hens and dairy cows are slaughtered when their egg and milk production decreases, and male chicks and calves are killed as well, because they aren't profitable in industries that require egg or milk production. Animal farming has a dark side no matter how much it is sugarcoated in the picturesque ads depicting happy, field-raised animals. In the end, there is always a gruesome, bloody death. In the 21st century, such violence is unnecessary, and we should be ashamed of ourselves. Considering the health benefits of a properly planned vegan diet, there is no reason why we, a so-called “civilized” species, should be incorporating violence into our diet, or other parts of our lifestyle. Nonhuman animals have played an important role in the evolution of our species. They clothed us, fed us, provided us shelter, tools, and transportation. It is time we paid them back and retire our dependence on them. If we have truly evolved, we will respect and show compassion toward the other animals, along with acting responsible towards the environment. As a result, the world will be a better place for all life, human and nonhuman.

Andrea said...

Omg Thanks for this i'm a vegetarian and i love monster and i'm drinking one now but i was just wondering what taurine was and i came across some disturbing things but i'm glad that it's synthetic said...

I consider everyone must read this.

Anonymous said...

Not all Monster drinks are Vegan. Several of the different flavors contain magnesium lactate which is from lactic acid AKA milk acid, honey, etc..They also contain artificial sweeteners such as sucralose which is sugar with chlorine atoms added. Chlorine is not meant to be ingested. Be careful about all these products and do research on the ingredients! said...

Just to allay any fears caused by Anonymous's comments above about lactic acid: lactic acid is produced by bacterial fermentation in an industrial setting and has nothing to do with milk.
As for chlorine, it (in the form of chloride) is essential for life and we ingest it regularly; after all what is common table salt?
Sucralose is harmless, though there is a concern for us vegans in that its effects have been tested on animals... but then, so has everything we consume. Such is life...

Elizabeth Terrorford said...

Hi, I understand what you mean about Coke sponsoring rodeos, and for a few years I've steered away from it because of that exact belief... Just make sure that you research just how many brands that you may not immediately think of as Coke, since they own nearly all of the major soft drinks and you could be accidentally buying their products without knowing... It's great that you're standing up for what you believe in, and I wish you the best of luck ☺

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