Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kozy Shack Jammin' Gels


I finally found a storebought premade vegan jello! Agar can be tricky to make, and sometimes it comes out chewy.

Its vegan (it even says no animal by-products on the back), and they taste great. I think they taste better than real jello.

So far, I know they come in Strawberry and Green Apple. The only place I've seen them is Shaw's and it they must have started carrying them within the last 3 months or so because every time I go there I look to see if there is a vegan jello (I dont give up easily when it comes to essentials...)

4 out of 5 stars.

They are a bit high in carbs, 23grams, and a total of 90 calories in each cup.


Jackie said...

I buy Kosher jello as that's vegan and available in many big supermarkets. It also sets in under half an hour in or out the fridge. Bit expensive but saves the hassle of agar agar as you say which I always mess up anyway :)

t. said...

Allie I think you stumbled on one of the newest gelatin products. Unless your jello was based on pectin (which is a fruit vegan byproduct), your jello should have made with a totally new process which is just starting to spread.
There is a big buzz about vegetable gelatin these days in the chef community!
I would love to try it: I am actually waiting for it to be put in commerce as a powder or gelatine sheets. But I know it will take some time!

LindaRexic said...

Just about all asian markets sell agar agar, which better yet comes flavorless so you can put whatever in it. Agar isn't really a hard process, you just boil it for a certain amount of time stirring occasionally so it doesn't stick to the bottom. You should try going to an asian market. They have many veg*n foods at a very cheap price, just br sure to go to a reliable one and check the expiration dates

Anjee said...

Kosher gelatin is not vegan. It is pareve but made wih fish and or beef bones/products.

Anonymous said...

I tried them and thought they were aweful. The texture isn't like a jello it was soft and made me want to gag couldn't even eat the whole cup. They were quite expensive compared to jello and no where as good in flavor or texture. Very disappointing!

sagrada familia said...

No doubt, the chap is totally fair.

Anonymous said...

As I was on strict liquid diet, the hospital offered me Kozi Shak smart gels. guess you may say I enjoyed them. By the end of my stay, the staff knew me as their jello bandit! Vegan,or simply just not one to eat alot, this is for you! THUMBS UP

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