Sunday, June 04, 2006

Shameless Promotion

I've seemed to hit a plateau with my hits...
I'd like to drive them up a bit more, but I'm asking for a little help :) (You know how much I love you guys!)

If you happen to have some free time, could you ping a post or two?

What this means is, if you find a post you think is cool, funny, useful etc, you can click the "Email this Post" button (little envelope) and email it to someone.

So, say you wanted to send the tips about going vegan to a friend you know is trying to go vegan;
You would click that button and email them to say they should check it out.

I already do some pinging, but a larger audience is my goal, since I think I can help a lot of people.
It's just a thought, but I think it could really help me.

LOTS of love,
Allie <3

1 comment:

Primal said...

I'll blogroll ya on Holistic News from the Hut. I'll also write an article about your site..but it'll need to be later in the week as I already have much on my blog-agenda with regard to my store; tenants and landlords (oh wait.. you're a landlord!'ll get PLUGGED tomorrow!)

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