Sunday, June 04, 2006

6 Vegan Myths

Once again, Sexy Vegan Chick is here (cape and all!) to debunk some popular myths about veganism! (Traa-la-la-laaaa!!)

1) Cows explode if you dont milk them.
Have you ever seen a cow explode on TV before? Chances are, you havent.

2) Beefsteak tomatoes contain meat.
Why dont we all eat TomatoBurgers then??

3) Soymilk is milk from soybeans.
Have you ever seen a soybean with tits?

4) Lettuce has feelings too!
Have you ever heard a salad cry? Did it talk to you? What did it say? Did it say that you suffer from dementia? Wow, lettuce is smart!

5) Animals were put on this earth for us to eat.
Why dont you just eat your dog then?

6) Vegans suck. ...
This one is partially true :) Just ask Pam and she might "demonstrate"!

7) Vegans are boring.
Vodka is vegan. So I prove thee wrong!


Primal said...

ROFL I love it!

I guess the companies use terms like soy milk and rice milk to indicate a replacement to regular milk (as if you MUST have milk!!) Little do people understand that the human (or animal for that matter) isnt designed to digest lactose past when they wean from their mother. I never see animals wean from their mom and then hit the local TG Lee dairy.

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

Yeah, its crazy. Legally, soymilk companies have to put "Not to be used as infant formula" on their items.

Marcia said...

ha. Cows explode when you don't milk them just like women's breasts explode after their done breast feeding. Some people are idiots!

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