Friday, June 16, 2006

Shopping & Other News

Woohoo, I get to go clothes shopping today. Its to celebrate me surviving junior high! (Quite a task). Theres a ton of vegan clothes at the mall in Burlington.

In other news, I probably wont be posting much between July 17 and August 11 or so. I'll be in PEI and Nova Scotia, and then a day later I'll be hopping to skateboarding camp in New Hampshire.

I should be able post once in while, I can post on blogger while using my cell phone. They'll be short and unformatted, but I should get some news in and maybe some pics of my looking like a total ass!

If you dont hear from me after that, you'll know I killed myself while falling off a vert ramp or cracking my head while falling off a grind rail! (I havent skateboarded that much!)

I'm desperately trying to find some vegan skate shoes. I've found tons online, but I hope I can find some synthetic nubuck ones in stores.

*~*~*~*~ Allie


t. said...

i totally agree with skater friends saying these do not provide enough ankle support, but together with Adidas , Converse All Stars were also modified to be skater shoes. And those vegan are indeed (or so I think).
Also, I am in love with these vegan shoes from Vegan Essentials:

Either way, have a great one!

Sexy Vegan Chick said...

You dont really want too much ankle support cuz then technical stuff is harder.

I saw some really good ones in Hot Topic. They had 3 skate shoes, and all were synthetic. One was black with little skulls on it and some pseudo-chain.

There's a pair of green colored hemp skate shoes that are supposed to be pretty popular, but I've always loved nubuck, and I found some cool synthetic stuff.

Google Search!