Thursday, July 06, 2006

Absence + Updated +

Well, the time came this morning. It was peaceful, just like she wanted it to be. She didnt know what was happening, and our family is very content with that.

Thank you all for the comments and emails of support, I appreciate it so much.

As I said in the original post, I probably wont be on very much. My time will be consumed with many other things in the days and weeks ahead.

If I am online, I will mostly be talking on AIM with my friends to help me feel better. I will try to get some BlogExplosion surf credits while chatting so I can get some traffic to this site.

Nothing sucks more than coming back to a blog when a lot of your regular readers are from traffic exchange sites and your site has no more credits.

The remainder of the post concerns the Dessert Recipe Contest

The recipe contest deadline is indefinate. There is no way I can do it in the near/immediate future. I dont really know what I'm doing for vacation (July 17-29), but I will probably be away from part of that. I'm definitely going to skate camp (July 30-August 11).

Sometime I will impose a deadline (with at least 1 week notice). Between now and then you can be perfecting your recipes! You may send them in early, as long as its not during my vacation or camp. Hotmail sometimes puts things in Junk that really arent, and my Junk folder autmatically empties every few days or so.

Please remember that you can only submit ONE (1) entry per person.

Bye for now,


t. said...

Dear Allie, recive my hugs and thoughts. I know it is hard to deal with these situations: let grief and pain come over you and then slowly fade away.

My warmest wishes to you.

Jackie said...

Sorry to hear your sad news. I hope your relative isn't young as so many youngsters are getting very ill these days.

Thanks for the visit. I love my olive oil baths you can almost feel your skin schlurping it up.

We will wait for you return. Keep strong.

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