Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dogs - Intuitive Creatures

During the last few days, I've noticed my "smart"* dog, Oreo has been acting a little different.
As some of you may know, my aunt (who has lived with us for the last year and a half), died Sunday after a long stay in the hospital.

Oreo has been much more subdued. She also has spent lots of time trying to be very close to people. She's been curled up on the floor on top of my feet, and lying across my lap while on the couch.

Besides that, my feet have been licked countless times, something she only does when I'm crying or when she has done something wrong.

I must say, dogs are very intelligent and intuitive creatures. I'm pretty sure she knows something has happened. She's been sniffing the couch in the spot my aunt used to sit in and then curls up and sighs.

Why does this happen? Scientist know that dogs have keen senses of smell. When something is not normal, our bodies release chemicals. Dogs can smell some of these natural chemicals. If you are female and have a dog, have you ever notice that you get sniffed over more when you have your period (start menopause, start menstration?)

There have been some instances when the owner gets sick with cancer, and the dog will sniff them over and whine and pine more than usual. (I heard about this a couple of years ago)

Also, another amazing dog story is about a diabetic man who's dog saved his life.
"Using their keen sense of smell, the animals can detect abnormalities in a person's blood-sugar levels.

The dog periodically licks Weaver's nose to take her own reading of his blood-sugar level. If something seems off to her, she will paw and whine at him."

The link to the story is here.

Oreo's done a great job of cheering me up, and I think she knows that! My favorite pose? When I'm sitting on the Laz-E-Boy and she jumps up and sits on my lap with her head tucked under mine. (Note that she is 80lbs!!)


* the other dog, Sebastian is a boy, and doesnt have that much upstairs. He gets erections over food. And then he looks down and tries to bite his "stuff" without realizing it will hurt. He does this at least three times a week.

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t. said...

Cute hugs to Oreo: she truly seems a smart cookie! I hope her tentatives to cheer you up hit the spot :)

I think dogs are extremely receptive and often can truly read us as we mirror out to them our feeling and emotions. It's wonderful Oreo has such a sharp sensibility.

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