Monday, September 25, 2006

Vegan Sweets At Shaws

I just went food shopping yesterday, and I found a whole vegan sweets section at Shaws! (I finally found the 'hidden' natural foods, ethnic, vegan, allergen-free section, which for a Shaws our size is less than 1/2 an aisle.)

They carry many "Enjoy Life" products (an amazing line, they specialize in allergen free foods, so most of there products are vegan, and the have the 'V' symbol on the front of the package)

So I bought the 'Soft Baked Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies' Very yummy. They are wheat, peanut, tree nut, and soy free along with being vegan. They are made from Sorghum flour. They have many different varieties of cookies and other premade small dessert snacks.

The other item I bought was something I have been looking for and longing for ever since I went vegan this January. VEGAN FLUFF!!!! Its technically called "Suzanne's Ricemellow Creme". It is delish. It tastes just like real fluff (a tad less sweeter which makes it better than the real thing!) The only difference is that its a little less gooey and a lot less sticky, which is actually favorable. I can eat a pb + ricemellow sandwich in peace at school because when I wipe my face after eating, it actually comes off, instead of having napkin bits stuck to my face.

Its based from Brown Rice Syrup, which is one of the healthiest sweeteners (low on the Glycemic Index, so it wont raise blood sugar as much as cane sweeteners)

Shaws also has a complete selection of Luna and Clif Bars, much better than my co-op and for about 75 cheaper each.

I am so very happy, because the Shaws in my town is quite small (our town only has 5,000 people), so it doesnt actually have that fancy ethnic section (the one in Berlin does, and I'm so jealous), or a complete natural foods section, OR the natural/vegan/ethnic frozen section. They combine all of the 'non-mainstream' items into 1/2 aisle and place it between the liquor and non-vegan junk food aisle, so I've never found it until now!

Well, thats all for now! (I feel like such a deprived vegan. Its taken me 9 hard months to find what people in more civilized areas keep raving their stockings off about!)

TTYL and happy munchings!

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