Thursday, October 05, 2006

This is... what's happening

I havent posted in a bit, sorry bout that. School has been very demanding, as I am taking 2 college prep accredited classes, college prep math (algebra 2) and 2 languages.

I finally have a boyfriend! He's really sweet, and he seems to respect my veganism which I'm very happy about.

Last week I made some vegan cupcakes. I used a gluten-free baking mix for chocolate cake and put it in muffin tins. They were delish. Instead of milk I used soymilk, EarthBalance instead of butter, and Ener-G egg replacer for the eggs. I've always found that vegan baked items turn out moister than non-vegan (eggs fluff more than potato starch and it tends to dry out more while cooking)

Tonight I'll be making some vegan brownies. And then later this week I'm going to be making chocolate cake (or cupcakes)! I bought a coconut and I'm planning on using the milk from it in the frosting and grating some of it to put on top and inside the cake. I'll post when I have the results :P

Also, the other day I saw something that completely bugged me. As many know, Carrie Underwood (American Idol Season 4 winner) is a vegetarian. But she's recently appeared in a 'Got Milk?' ad. Even though she is ovo-lacto, shes said that she did it because she loves animals, and I would think that at least she wouldnt promote the drinking of milk publicly. Grrr :(

Thats it for now, have fun!


Hippie Vegan said...

I've noticed that ad too. It is something that I totally don't understand. Is she completely oblivious to the hardships that dairy cows go through day to day? Maybe she will come around someday.

Anonymous said...

Don't Forget to Remember the Suffering of Dairy Cows!!

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