Monday, October 23, 2006

Traffic Argh!

I realize I havent been the best blogmaster the last few weeks. 9th grade has a LOT of work. I think I have 6 presentations due in the next three days, a big-ass Algebra II test, and a bunch of other crap.

And my traffic has been reflecting that. I'm stilling getting enough to be thankful, but I realize my comments, emails etc have been way DOWN recently.

So PLEASE, if you like a post, use the nift 'Email Post' button to send it to someone and enlighten them!

If theres a good recipe you think someone will enjoy, please pass along the URL along with the recipe. Little things really help! (I know for a fact my email with my url gets a lot of clicks!)

Right now I'm being a BlogExplosion and forum whore to get more traffic (hope the 'w' word doesnt offend anybody, its not meant to in any shape form or fashion)

By the way, I LOVE links, so if you have a vegan, animal rights, etc related blog I will be more than happy to exchange links. Much of my traffic also comes from blogs with over 50 links, and people just happen to randomly click on mine. I dont even have that many, so its guaranteed it will be beneficial.

So thats if for now, you might see me on some forums showin off my nifty blog.

AdiĆ³s mis amigos, para ahora

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Saoirse said...

Sorry I've been gone for a while. Good luck with your course work. :)

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